Office of the University Registrar

March 26, 2020

Spring Quarter 2020 COVID-19 FAQs

Please refer to this website for answers to general questions or go directly to, which is being continually updated, sometimes several times a day.

Spring 2020 Courses

All classes for spring 2020 will be conducted by 100% remote delivery. Instructors will notify students how to attend the course (i.e. Canvas, Zoom, etc.) and will provide guidance regarding coursework, exams, and finals.

Academic Calendar Key Dates

Spring Quarter 2020
March 30: First Day of Instruction
June 6-12: Final Exams
June 16: Grades Due at 5pm

Accessing Student Services

Student Services, including those of the University Registrar, have transitioned fully to email, telephone, and Zoom instead of in-person meetings or appointments. Please call or consult the respective website to determine how to contact the office and schedule services remotely.

Students should not attempt to access buildings on campus, including Schmitz Hall, to reach support services, classes, advisers, or other services. Instead, email the department directly while staff are teleworking to meet student needs.

Student FAQs

Finals and Coursework

Am I still responsible for class assignments, exams or materials due as stated on the syllabus?

Students remain responsible for fulfilling course requirements.


How will classes be graded for spring quarter?

Instructors will designate whether each class will be graded numerically or CR/NC. Students should verify they understand the grading option during the first week of spring quarter.

What happens if my instructor changes grading for my course section for all students from numeric grading to CR/NC?

CR Grades

Credit awarded in a course offered on a credit/no-credit basis only or in courses numbered 600, 601, 700, 750, and 800 – The minimum performance level required for a CR grade is .7 or higher for undergraduate courses and 1.7 and higher for graduate courses. The grade is awarded directly, by the instructor. CR is not computed in GPA calculations. For winter and spring quarter 2020, in light of the COVID-19 epidemic, additional courses not identified above were permitted to be graded CR/NC.

NC Grades

No Credit awarded in a course offered on a credit/no-credit basis only or in courses numbered 600, 601, 700, 750, and 800 – The grade is awarded directly by the instructor and is not included in GPA calculations. For winter and spring quarter 2020, in light of the COVID-19 epidemic, additional courses not identified above were permitted to be graded CR/NC.
UW Grading System

What happens if I decide to change my grading mode to S/NS and how will this impact my requirements to graduate?

A grade of S/NS will not impact a student’s GPA but students need to carefully understand that S grades so graded can only be used as free electives and cannot be used to satisfy a University, college, or department course requirement. S is not computed in GPA calculations. The deadline to change to S/NS is May 17, 2020.

S Grades

Satisfactory grade for courses taken on a satisfactory/not-satisfactory basis – An S grade is automatically converted from a numerical grade of 2.0 or above for undergraduates. The grade S may not be assigned directly by the instructor, but is a grade conversion by the Office of the University Registrar. Courses so graded can only be used as free electives and cannot be used to satisfy a University, college, or department course requirement. S is not computed in GPA calculations.

NS Grades

Not-Satisfactory grade for courses taken on a satisfactory/not-satisfactory basis – A grade less than 2.0 for undergraduates is converted to NS. NS is not included in GPA calculations. No credit is awarded for courses in which an NS grade is received.

UW Grading System

My class is being graded numerically. Can I change it to S/NS to just get credit and no numeric grade?

Yes, students can change the numeric grading to S/NS via MyUW by the end of the seventh week – May 17 for Spring Quarter 2020. But, students must be aware that this only provides elective credit toward graduation and the course will not count toward graduation requirements. Students planning on applying to professional schools should use S/NS with care, as these schools prefer numeric grades to pass/fail. It is strongly suggested students confirm with their adviser if S/NS makes sense before changing the grade mode to S/NS.

Satisfactory Progress

Students are expected to declare a major by the time they have earned 105 credits and completed 5 quarters (not including summer quarters). Both conditions need to be met in order for the satisfactory progress rules to go into effect.

In addition, students must graduate by the time they have earned 210 and completed 12 quarters (not including summer quarters).

Learn more about the OUR Academic Satisfactory Policy.
Learn what to do when approaching 105 credits and 5 quarters: UAA Satisfactory Progress Policy and Pre-major Extension.

Satisfactory/Not Satisfactory (S/NS) Grades

S/NS (Satisfactory/Non Satisfactory) is an optional way for a UW course to be graded pass/fail.

  • S grade is given with a 2.0 or better
  • NS grade is given with less than a 2.0
  • NS grade results in no credit for the course
  • Neither S nor NS grades affect the grade point average (GPA)
  • Students may request S/NS grading option through the seventh week of the quarter – grade mode changes are prohibited after the seventh week
  • A course with an encoded prerequisite or cancellation in place may or may not accept a grade of S for the prerequisite

S/NS Limits: Students are allowed to register for a maximum of 20 S/NS credits at UW. To register for more than 20 S/NS credits, the student must email the Office of the Registrar at before the seventh week deadline to explain why additional S/NS credits are necessary. A maximum of 25 Satisfactory (S) credits count toward a degree.

Graduation Requirements: S/NS courses count only as electives toward the 180 credits required for graduation. S/NS graded courses cannot satisfy the following:

  • Major Requirements
  • Areas of Knowledge
  • Basic Skills
  • General Education


Will my courses from Spring quarter 2020 that are 100% remote delivery be counted as meeting the Senior Year Residency Requirement?

Yes. Since all courses for spring quarter 2020 are being taught 100% remote delivery, this is not the same as traditional online/distance learning courses. For students graduating after Winter or Spring quarter 2020, all online courses offered from the student’s respective campus will be allowed to meet the senior residency requirement.

Student Guide: Final Year Residency Requirement


How may I obtain my transcript?

Official e-transcripts can be requested and delivered online through the Office of the Registrar’s electronic transcripts service. At this time, paper transcript processing is not available. Students with questions or concerns can email the Registration and Transcripts office at

Ordering Transcripts during Spring 2020

Will there be an annotation on the transcript to indicate that grading was unique for spring 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak?

New Transcript Key Legend language: The COVID-19 outbreak, a global public health emergency, impacted grading for terms indicated with a comment within each quarter on the front of the transcript. Some courses display CR/NC rather than numeric grades, and arrangements were made for these courses to meet graduation requirements.

New Transcript Comment added within the grades for each quarter on the front of the transcript: Global Public Health Emergency Impacted Enrollment – See Transcript legend.


Is it possible for me to drop my spring quarter classes after the quarter begins if I decide that attending 100% remote delivery does not work for me?

Yes. The University will begin classes on Monday, March 30, and the last day to drop without paying any fees and receiving a full refund is currently Friday, April 3.

I have specific questions about my reenrollment and/or registration as it relates to this situation. Who can I contact?

Please email the corresponding campus registrar and a staff member will respond as quickly as possible.

Campus Email Subject Email
UW-Seattle Attention: Helen B. Garrett
UW-Tacoma Attention: Andrea Coker-Anderson
UW-Bothell Attention: Pam Lundquist

How am I supposed to sit in on classes that I am not yet registered for during the first week of spring quarter?

Students need to email the instructor of the course to get permission to be allowed to sit in. The instructor will need to provide instructions on how to join the class as a guest in Canvas, the Zoom URL login, or login information for whatever online tools they are using to conduct their class until the student is formally registered for the class.

Students who are allowed guest access to Canvas, Zoom, etc., must still register for the class. Many students assume being let into the online delivery method means they are registered for the class and may be surprised to receive no credit at the end of the quarter when it is discovered this is not the case. Students must register for all courses in order to receive credit.

Re-enrollment Process

I attended winter quarter, but have decided not to attend the UW spring quarter. What will I have to do to come back to the UW for a future quarter?

Students who were enrolled for winter quarter, and took spring quarter off, and wish to return for autumn quarter, are considered to be a continuing student. Continuing students do not need to complete the returning student re-enrollment process (summer quarter is excluded from the two consecutive quarters off). Students will retain their continuing student status for priority registration for autumn 2020 quarter, but please be advised that a registration date will not appear in MyUW.

Please refer to the OUR Priority Registration webpage to find the priority registration date for autumn quarter.

I withdrew from winter quarter and will not attend the UW for spring quarter. What will I have to do to return to UW for a future quarter?

Withdrawing from one quarter and not attending the subsequent quarter constitutes an absence of two consecutive quarters, which prompts the need to submit the Returning Student Form.

Please review the Returning Student Reenrollment information and complete the Checklist to Re-enroll.

Will I have to pay the returning student form fee if I meet the conditions to submit a Returning Student Form?

Yes, all returning students pay a fee of $80 to reactivate their student account.

Will I still receive emails at my email if I leave for spring quarter?

Students may continue to receive emails sent to their email address and retain access to associated Gmail suite through spring quarter. Students who decide not to return for autumn 2020 will have their email access suspended on the tenth day of autumn quarter. Students are encouraged to set up email forwarding to a private email to ensure not missing out on important University communications.

Financial Aid

Please refer to the Office of Student Financial Aid website for their COVID-19 FAQs.
Financial Aid COVID-19 FAQs

Faculty FAQs


What are my grading options for my spring quarter 2020 courses?

  • Courses should be graded per the grading mode established for the course. Students may not have the option of requesting CR/NC.
  • Instructors who are confident that a numeric grade can be constructed which reflects student learning in their course should be graded numerically.
  • Instructors who believe that because of the change to remote instruction that they are not confident that a numeric grade can be constructed, then the course should be graded credit/no credit.
  • Grades of Incomplete (I) and No Grade (X) can be given consistent with standard grading practices.
  • Faculty needing to change a numeric graded course to a CR/NC for all students in the class must complete and submit the Request for CR/NC form prior to the spring quarter grade submission deadline on Tuesday, June 16th by 5 p.m.

Request for CR/NC form

Once a course section has been changed to CR/NC grade mode, can a numeric grade be submitted as a grade change?

No. The Office of the University Registrar will be changing the grade option on the section to CR/NC, so numeric grading will no longer be an option for grading for this particular section.

May I change one student's grade from numeric to CR/NC and grade the rest of the class numerically?

No, all students in the class must be graded numerically or CR/NC.

Why can't my individual class section be graded with a mix of numeric and CR/NC grades?

The UW Student Database (SDB) student information system does not have the capability to allow a single section of a class to have multiple grading modes in terms of numeric and CR/NC.

Will courses that have been changed to CR/NC be able to still satisfy the W, Writing credit?

Yes, CR/NC courses will still satisfy the W, writing requirement

How can I learn more about teaching and learning during the coronavirus?

For more information, contact the Office of the University Registrar at