Office of the University Registrar

March 31, 2020

ACCESS Registration Information for Spring 2020

ACCESS Student Informational Letter

(Original sent via email on March 18, 2020)

Dear ACCESS Student,

As you have heard from our University of Washington leadership team, we are going to be able to begin Spring quarter 2020, as planned, on Monday, March 30th with all classes being offered 100% online/remote delivery for the duration of the quarter.

Many of you have contacted our offices asking if ACCESS students will still be able to register for these classes, given the program’s policy which limits the type of courses that ACCESS students are permitted to enroll for, as well as other questions regarding ACCESS program registration processes that are typically completed in-person at various offices on our campuses.

Here are a number of Frequently Asked Questions with answers to help you determine if enrolling as an ACCESS student for Spring quarter 2020 will work for you.

Students with additional questions or concerns related to enrolling for Spring 2020 as an ACCESS student may email the Registrar offices listed below.


Helen B. Garrett, University Registrar and Chief Officer of Enrollment Information Services, UW-Seattle
Pamela Lundquist, Registrar, UW-Bothell
Andrea Coker-Anderson, Registrar, UW-Tacoma

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ACCESS Registration form

To submit the ACCESS registration form to the Registration Office:

  1. Download a copy to your computer
  2. Fill it out the form using a PDF reader like Adobe Acrobat (
  3. Submit the form as an attachment to

ACCESS Registration FAQS

This is my first time enrolling as an ACCESS student, but I am not to come onto campus to show my ID and have my registration processed in-person. How will this work?

For Spring quarter 2020, the Office of the University Registrar (OUR) will waive the requirement of having to view a Washington state ID in person, which is how ACCESS students are typically verified to be 60 years or older and a state resident eligible to participate in this program. The student’s signature on their registration form is an attestation that the student has meet these requirements as stated in RCW 28B.15.540. Students may email or fax the completed form to the specific campus, where classes will be taken, using the contact information below:

Campus Email Subject Email/Fax
UW-Seattle Attention: ACCESS program
UW-Tacoma Attention: Andrea Coker-Anderson
UW-Bothell Attention: Pam Lundquist

Once I have submitted my ACCESS form for spring quarter, do I need to be registered in person?

No, ACCESS students do not need to be present for Office of University Registrar (OUR) staff to process ACCESS registration forms. OUR will accept these forms via email, mail, or fax to the Registration office throughout the ACCESS registration period, which will end on Tuesday, April 14th, 2020. To ensure that ACCESS students have been registered correctly for a course, please make sure to enable a UW NetID and access MyUW to view the schedule and course information from there.

How do I obtain an entry code for a class that requires one if I cannot go to campus in person?

Add or entry codes are provided by the department the course is taught in and students are never required to obtain codes in person. Students may contact the department directly to obtain this code, which is provided on the appropriate section of the ACCESS registration form. Contact information for all UW departments can be found in the UW Office Directory.

How will I pay for the ACCESS class if I am not allowed to come on campus?

Tuition payments are due by the third Friday of the quarter. Spring Quarter Deadline: Friday, April 17, 2020.

Online Payment Payment by Mail
Students may review tuition balances and pay ACCESS registration fees online, with a credit/debit card or by web check, via MyUW.

  1. Log into MyUW – requires UW NetID* and password
  2. Go to the Accounts section and submit payment.
Students may also mail payment to the following address:

University of Washington
PO Box 3981
Seattle, WA 98124-3981

*For assistance with creating or re-establishing a UW NetID please email

Students without a UW NetID may contact Student Fiscal Services at 206-543-4694 to check tuition balances. Please note that for spring 2020 students will not be able to access Student Fiscal Services in person in Schmitz Hall.

Your policy states that ACCESS students are not allowed to register for distance learning or online classes, but if all courses are going to be offered in an online delivery format, are we still permitted to register for them?

While the UW does restrict ACCESS students from courses that are typically offered in a 100% online format (such as those offered by UW Professional & Continuing Education and Continuum College), students will not be placed in this same restriction on courses that must amend their delivery method for Spring quarter due to the in-person restrictions placed on course meetings.

Be advised that these courses may use online tools to deliver their lectures such as Zoom, Canvas, or other third-party course content delivery systems. Course instructors have had very little time to move their classroom content to an entirely online format and instructors will be focusing primarily on assisting credit students with adapting to online courses and they may not be able to provide technical support for ACCESS students auditing classes through 100% remote delivery. ACCESS students not comfortable taking a course in a 100% online delivery format or do not have the technical capabilities to do so, may want to wait to enroll as an ACCESS student during another quarter in which the University has resumed in-person instruction.

Can an ACCESS student attend class on the first two days of spring quarter when they will not be on the roster until registered beginning on the third day of the quarter?

ACCESS students need to wait until the third day of spring quarter after registration in the course when they will be provided with the Canvas or Zoom information by the instructor for the 100% remote delivery course. Once registered, ACCESS students are advised to email the instructor for this information.

It is believed faculty will offer courses synchronously (at the time the class is scheduled to meet) and asynchronously, (by recording lectures that can be watched at any time). So, once ACCESS students have registered on Wednesday they will be able to obtain the information on how to access the 100% remote delivery mechanism for the course and should be able to catch up on what they missed on Monday and Tuesday of the first week.

Hopefully Spring quarter 2020 will be an anomaly for ACCESS students who will have to miss the first two days of the quarter with courses being offered by 100% remote delivery.