Office of the University Registrar

Departmental Priority Partitions

The classroom scheduling program uses a listing of preferred teaching locations that are attached to each of the Universities curricula. Departments may assign up to four levels of priority locations represented by the various campus partitions.

The purpose of this webpage is to provide feedback to departments regarding their assigned priority partitions. From the list of Schools, Colleges, and Programs below, select the department/curriculum to view its current priority partition assignments. Adjustments to these priority assignments may be made by contacting the Office of the University Registrar – Time Schedule and Room Assignments office.

Please Note: Schedule 25 will not assign courses to rooms not represented by one of the partitions in the priority partition list.

Example: To have all classes in DENNY HALL, Denny Hall should be listed as the #1 priority location. If Denny Hall is an acceptable place but only as a last resort, it should be placed at the fourth level of priority. If Denny Hall is totally unacceptable and it would be preferable to never be placed in Denny Hall, leave it off of the priority partitions entirely.

Caution: During the morning hours we have more requests for space than we can accommodate. Limiting the possible partition/locations, narrows the available pool of rooms and thereby increases the likelihood that your course will not be assigned a room at all. There is no limit to how many partition/locations you may list at each priority level but you should only list a partition once. It is to your advantage to list as many rooms at the fourth level of priority as possible to ensure you are assigned a room.

Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Programs

Colleges and Programs

College of Arts and Sciences

American Ethnic Studies


Applied Mathematics


Asian Languages and Literature

Astronomy (ASTR)
Atmospheric Sciences (ATM S)
Biology (BIOL)
Botany (BOTANY)
Center for Statistics and Social Sciences (CS&SS)
Chemistry (CHEM)


Communications (COM)
Comparative History of Ideas (CHID)
Comparative Literature (C LIT)
Dance (DANCE)
Drama (DRAMA)
Earth and Space Sciences (ESS)
Economics (ECON)
English (ENGL)
General Studies (GEN ST)
Genetics (GENET)
Geography (GEOG)
Germanics (GERMAN)


Honors (H A&S)
Humanities, Center for the (HUM)

Jackson School of International Studies


Mathematics (MATH)


Near Eastern Languages and Civilization

Neurobiology (NBIO)


Physics (PHYS)

Political Science

Psychology (PSYCH)

Romance Languages and Literature

Scandinavian Languages and Literature

Slavic Languages and Literatures

Social Sciences (SOCSCI)
Sociology (SOC)
Speech and Hearing Sciences (SPHSC)
Statistics (STAT)
Women Studies (WOMEN)
Zoology (ZOOL)

College of Built Environments

School of Business Administration

School of Dentistry

College of Education

College of Engineering

College of Forest Resources

The Information School

Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs

Interschool or Intercollege Programs

School of Law

School of Medicine

School of Nursing

College of Ocean and Fishery Sciences

School of Pharmacy

Graduate School of Public Affairs

School of Public Health and Community Medicine

Reserve Officers Training Corps Programs

School of Social Work