Office of the University Registrar

Partitions – Other

Partitions - Other

East Campus Auditorium

The east campus auditorium consists of the following rooms:
EEB 105 | EEB 125 | Guggenheim 220 | Sieg Hall 134

North Campus Auditorium

The north campus auditorium consists of the following rooms:
Gowen Hall 201 | Gowen Hall 301 | Miller Hall 301 | Music Building 126 | Savery Hall 260 | Smith Hall 120 | Smith 205

Southeast Campus Auditorium

The southeast campus auditorium consists of the following rooms:
Anderson Hall 223 | Hitchcock Hall 132

Southwest Campus Auditorium

The southwest campus auditorium consists of the following rooms:
Architecture 147 | Bagley Hall 131 | Bagley 154 | Fisheries 102 | Johnson Hall 102 | Mary Gates Hall 389 | Physics/Astronomy Auditorium A102 | Physics/Astronomy Auditorium A118

No Priorities

This department does not traditionally use upper campus general assignment classrooms and therefore has no established priority locations assigned.

Partitions File

The partition.dat file is a listing of the available locations that a department may list as desirable locations to teach. Generally, partitions are represented by an entire building. In some cases individual floors in a building represent a partition or specific classrooms. Use this listing when establishing the priority locations for your department/curriculum.

Anderson Hall Guggenheim Physics Astronomy Building
Architecture Guggenheim 410 Raitt Hall
Art Building Hitchcock Hall Savery 1ST FLOOR
Bagley Hall Hutchinson Hall Savery 2nd & 3rd Floor
Balmer Hall Johnson Hall Seafirst Executive Center
Benson Hall Kane Hall Sieg Hall
Bloedel Hall Loew Hall Smith 1st Floor
Chemistry Library Marine Studies Building Smith 2nd & 3rd Floor
Clark Hall Mary Gates Hall Smith 4th Floor
Communications Mary Gates Hall Social Work/Speech
Denny 1st & 2nd Floor Mary Gates Breakout Thomson Hall
Denny 3rd Floor Mechanical Engineering Edge Classrooms (LOW 202, 206, GUG 217)
Eagleson Hall Miller Hall Winkenwerder
Engineering/Computer Science More Hall North Campus Auditorium
Fisheries Teaching Research Building Mueller Hall East Campus Auditorium
Fisheries Building Music Building Southeast Campus Auditorium
Fisheries Center Observatory Southwest Campus Auditorium
Gould Hall Ocean Teach Building Pacific Campus Auditorium
Gowen Hall Parrington Hall

Rooms File

The rooms.dat file is a listing of all of the general assignment classrooms available for scheduling through the Room Assignments Office. The rooms.dat file identifies:

  1. The building and room number
  2. The rooms capacity
  3. Its assigned partition
  4. The physical characteristics of the room
  5. A fill ratio
  6. Hours that a room is unavailable (generally the building hours)