Office of the University Registrar

Registration Eligibility

Registration at the University of Washington is a Web-based service, available on MyUW. All students1 at the University who remain in good standing and in compliance with other rules and regulations, with no outstanding financial obligations, are guaranteed the opportunity to register each quarter as long as they maintain2,3 continuous enrollment. Continuation must be in the same classification, e.g., undergraduate, postbaccalaureate (fifth-year), graduate, etc. Once a student earns a baccalaureate degree, he or she must apply for admission as a post baccalaureate (fifth-year), nonmatriculated, or graduate student.

Exceptions to the guarantee are:

  1. students under disciplinary action,
  2. students with a registration hold,
  3. students not meeting their departmental continuation policies, or
  4. students not meeting the University’s satisfactory progress policy.

You will not be eligible to register if you have an outstanding debit on your tuition and fee account, (check your account on MyUW). Contact the Student Account Office and pay any fees due, in order to register.

  1. The MyUW registration service is not available:
    • for students in programs administered by Educational Outreach
    • for courses offered through Educational Outreach
  2. Summer quarter excepted
  3. See Quarter-Off Eligibility Policy