Office of the University Registrar

November 3, 2020

Electronic Academic Records System (EARS)

The Electronic Academic Records System (EARS) is a tool that provides access to student database information most often used by advisers and administrative staff. EARS enables authorized UW staff to access official student record information in a web format.

Logging In

In order to access EARS, you must be a current UW employee with a UW NetID. You will be required to login using your UW NetID credentials and two factor authentication (2FA).

Once you log into EARS, your session will stay active for 8 hours or until you close all browser windows. However, access to any particular student record will be lost after 20 minutes of inactivity. You won’t have to log back in, but you will have to re-enter the student number or name to recover that student’s information.

Need access to EARS?

FERPA Warning

In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974:

  • EARS information is available only to university staff and faculty when required for the performance of their responsibilities to the university.
  • EARS information is released on the condition that you will not permit any other access to the information without the written consent of the student(s) involved.

For further details, seeĀ Washington Administrative Code 478-140-024.