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Curriculum Office

The University Curriculum Office (UWCO) coordinates the review of new, change and distance learning applications for courses and distance learning, on behalf of the University Curriculum Committee (UWCC).  Additionally, the UWCO maintains the course catalog and the SDB curriculum screen (SDB 200), receives and processes prerequisite and course fee changes, and published the Monthly Curriculum Committee report and the Quarterly Detailed Curriculum report.

The University Curriculum Office (UWCO) coordinates the review of undergraduate program changes and additions (1503s), on behalf of the Faculty Council on Academic Standard’s (FCAS) Subcommittee on Admissions and Programs (SCAP).  Additionally, the UWCO maintains the general catalog to ensure information reflects any approved changes to undergraduate programs.


Web based UW CM system for course applications

The Office of the University Registrar, in partnership with the Information Technology UW Curriculum Management team, launched the UW CM (Univeristy of Washington Curriculum Management) system, an online tool for course applications, in Autumn 2016.  This new system serves all three campuses and supports the submission of new course and course change applications (except for DL renewals and course drops, which should be processed via paper forms until further notice).

Course Topics

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Program (1503) Topics

Program (1503) Forms

  • Creating and Changing Undergraduate Academic Programs Form (UoW 1503): PDF | Word


Curriculum Office Contact

Marianne Ramos Schulze
University Curriculum Procedures Analyst
Phone: 206-543-5938

Box: 355850
Location: Schmitz Hall 209