Office of the University Registrar

Undergraduate Program Proposal 1503 Form Quick Guide

In order to create or change an undergraduate academic program, a 1503 form must be submitted. Please contact the UW Graduate School to create or change a graduate program.

To learn more about the undergraduate program proposal process, please refer to these FAQs.

Step 1: Download the Form

Download the 1503 form from the UWCO website. Older versions of this form will not be accepted.

Step 2: Provide Requesting Department Information

Provide information for the requesting department, including college and campus information. You must also include the date the form was completed.

Step 3: Complete the Appropriate Program Section

In this example, the department is revising their minor requirements.

Do not submit multiple new or program changes on one 1503 form. For example:

  • Changes to admission requirements for a BA and a BS program require two separate 1503 forms, one for the BA and one for the BS.
  • Changes to a BA program, an option, and a minor require three separate 1503 forms, one for the BA, one for the option, and one for the minor.
  • A new program and a suspension of admission to an existing program require two separate 1503 forms, one for the new program and one for the suspension of admission to an existing program.

Multiple changes to a single program only require one 1503 form. For example:

  • Changes to the admission and program requirements for a BA program.
  • Changes to the name of and requirements for a minor.

Step 4: Provide Quarter/Year and Contact Information

Provide the proposed effective quarter/year and all requested contact information.

To determine a realistic proposed effective quarter/year, please refer to the timeline for substantive and non-substantive changes.

If a program or program change is not approved prior to the beginning of the proposed effective quarter/year, it will be implemented the following quarter/year. For example, a program with a proposed effective quarter/year of autumn 2019, approved in November 2019, will not be implemented until winter 2020.

Step 5: Provide an Explanation and Rationale

Provide an explanation of and rationale for the proposed program or change to an existing program.

Step 6: List and Obtain Signatures from Affected Units

List all departments, units, or programs affected by your new program or change to an existing program. Obtain the approval/signature of the chair/director of each department/unit listed, including their printed name and the date of their signature.

Step 7: Provide the Current Catalog Copy (if applicable)

Provide the copy as currently written in the general catalog. Only include sections that will change if your proposal is approved. Per the example below, cross-out and highlight any changes.

Step 8: Provide the Proposed Catalog Copy

Per the example below, underline and highlight changes or additions.

Step 9: Obtain Approvals/Signatures

Obtain the approvals/signatures appropriate for your campus through its approved workflow process. Ensure each signature line includes the signer’s printed name, signature, and signature date.

Step 10: Send to the UW Curriculum Office

Email the completed 1503 form to the UW Curriculum Office.