Office of the University Registrar

Application Deadlines

Applications are due the first non-holiday weekday of the month, unless otherwise listed below.

NOTE: These deadlines are for the University of Washington Curriculum Committee (UWCC). These dates do not apply to specific school or college curriculum meetings.

Application Deadline: Due by noon Deadline for Course Change Applications to be added without an Acknowledgement of Responsibility* UW Curriculum Committee Meeting Date
July 1, 2019** August 13, 2019
August 30, 2019 Winter 2020 September 17, 2019
October 1, 2019 October 15, 2019
November 1, 2019 November 19, 2019
December 2, 2019 Spring 2020 December 17, 2019
January 2, 2020 Summer 2020 January 21, 2020
January 31, 2020 February 18, 2020
March 2, 2020 Autumn 2020 March 17, 2020
April 1, 2020 April 21, 2020
May 8, 2020*** June 2, 2020
July 1, 2020** August 11, 2020
May 10, 2019*** June 4, 2019
  • * Course changes submitted after the marked quarter need to include an Acknowledgement of Responsibility.

    Example: Any changes to courses to be effective Winter quarter that are submitted after the September meeting deadline listed above, will need to be accompanied by an Acknowledgement of Responsibility.

  • ** Only reviewing changes that do not require a syllabus and course drops
  • *** Consolidated May/June meeting

Time Schedule & Time Schedule Production

The Time Schedule deadline for changes is different than the Time Schedule Production Calendar. Check the Time Schedule Production Calendar for additional deadlines.
2019-2020 Production Calendar

College of Arts & Sciences Curriculum Committee Deadlines

CAS Curriculum Committee

Acknowledgement of Responsibility

In order to request an extension to the course change application deadline for a specified quarter, please include an Acknowledgement of Responsibility in the UW CurriculumManagement course change proposal.

The effective quarter for any course change proposal received without this acknowledgement will be edited to the first quarter for which the course change application deadline has not passed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does an 'Acknowledgement of Responsibility' accomplish?

The department:

  • Acknowledges that the requested change was submitted after the Time Schedule deadline,
  • Takes responsibility for notifying students of the change,
  • Takes responsibility for any scheduling, student loan, tuition, time-to-graduation, registration, or other problems that might result from approval of the late change application,
  • Will be responsible for contacting the Time Schedule Office to update the course listing for the requested quarter for which the deadline for Time Schedule construction has passed.

How do I know when I need to include an 'Acknowledgement of Responsibility' with my course change proposal?

Review the deadlines listed above.
Example: If a course change proposal is submitted to be effective for winter quarter after the September meeting deadline, the requestor must include an Acknowledgement of Responsibility with the course change proposal.

How do I submit an 'Acknowledgement of Responsibility' in UW CM?

Review Step 5 in the quick guide for course change proposals.

Do I have to submit an 'Acknowledgement of Responsibility' for a new course proposal?

No. An Acknowledgement of Responsibility only pertains to course change proposals.

How do I contact the Time Schedule Office?

Review the Time Schedule Office contact information.

Where do I find the Time Schedule Production Calendar?

Review the following production calendars:
2019-2020 Production Calendar