Office of the University Registrar

Application Issues

Curriculum applications must undergo a review process before they are approved. The following is a list of issues and questions that often raise flags and can prevent the approval. Before submitting, review the curriculum application with these items in mind.

Credit Issues

  • Do the credits and instructional hours align? Example: 1 hour lecture/seminar instructional and 2 hours of additional preparatory work for each credit. 2-3 hours laboratory of instruction and 1-2 hours additional preparatory work for each lab credit.

Titles and Descriptions

  • Do the title, course description, and syllabus align?
  • Too much course information in the title.
  • Would another university or an employer get a sense for the course content by the course title on the transcript?
  • Program branding via the title or course description is not allowed.

Course Content

  • No syllabus.
  • No or limited required reading.
  • Required readings noticeably below/above course level requirements.
  • Missing or confusing learning objectives.
  • Does the course seem remedial?
  • Missing grading/evaluation methods.
  • Does the grading include attendance – needs to be based on participation!
  • Graded course has over 15% of grade based on participation. If over 15% the syllabus needs to list the objective measure by which participation will be evaluated.
  • Content for Areas of Knowledge designations is not apparent.
  • Assignments – amount of work relative to the contact hours listed.
  • Should the course list prerequisite or recommended courses to take prior to registration?

Course level

  • Is the course at the appropriate level?
  • Does the course satisfy the 400/500 requirement with distinguishable differences between undergraduate and graduate requirements? See 400-400 Parallel Courses page for more information on these requirements.


  • Missing Chair/Director, Curriculum, Dean, joint signatures.
  • Does the content need to be vetted with another department?
  • Does the course need cross-campus accreditation approval (Nursing, Business, Social Work)?

Relationship to Program Requirements

  • Is the course part of a new program that has not been established and not in the process of being approved by FCAS or the Graduate School?
  • Is the changing/dropped course required for any another majors/degrees/minors?

Distance Learning (DL)

  • Is section 7 of the new course or course change application is missing if DL box is checked on the form.? (Any course with 50% or more faculty instrucational hours outside of the traditional classroom or laboratory setting is considered DL).
  • Does the syllabus or justification include Blackboard, Catalyst, or other online discussion boards; online video streaming – live or recorded; or other non-classroom instruction? If so describe the amount and if the instruction is over 50% you have to complete section 7 of the new course and course change forms.
  • Are the answers in sectin 7 of the forms complete and unique to the course?
    (i.e. the Committee is looking for why the course is needed to be taught distance learning, how the DL course fits into the program and if it will be required, if the course is going to be both in class and DL how will the courses differ, what method(s) of DL are planned, how will testing/projects be completed, resources needed, etc.).