Office of the University Registrar

Approval Process

Application Submission Guidelines

New course applications:

Course change applications:

Course drop applications:

Distance Learning (DL) renewal:

  • DL renewal applications are processed by paper form.

Note: DL renewal paper applications will be phased out in 2017.

Application Receipt and Review

Complete curriculum applications received by the posted deadline for the month are reviewed at that month’s Curriculum Meeting. Both the deadline and the meeting date for each month are posted on the deadlines page. Please note that there are specific Time Schedule effective-quarter deadlines for course-change applications.

Each application is reviewed to make sure it is completely filled out, approved in UW CM by the designated department and college/school approvers, and contains all of the required documentation. Applications that are found to be incomplete may be sent back to the department. Incomplete applications are not forwarded to the UW Curriculum Committee for review and are held until all of the required documentation is received.

What Happens at the Curriculum Meeting

The UW Curriculum Committee (UWCC) meets during the academic year, typically on the third Tuesday of the month. See the course deadlines page for the current academic year meeting dates. At the meeting the UWCC members review each complete application. Applications can be approved as submitted, placed on pending status, or placed on hold.

Applications approved by the UWCC do not need further review for approval. (Programs that share accreditation across campuses – currently Business, Nursing, and Social Work have an additional review period).

Pending status occurs when the UWCC has additional questions, revisions, concerns, etc., they would like addressed. Typically these issues are resolved via an email response. If your application has been placed on pending status, you will be contacted by the Curriculum Office for follow-up, typically within two days of the meeting. After a response has been submitted by the department to the Curriculum Office, the Curriculum Office works with the UWCC to see if the response answers their questions and if the application can be approved. The UWCC may approve the application based on the response or request additional information.

The UWCC places applications on hold when they have substantial questions or concerns about an application. Typically these issues are addressed at the next UWCC meeting if the department has addressed the concerns about the original application. If your application has been placed on hold status you will be contacted by the Curriculum Office for follow-up, typically within two days of the meeting.

Was My Application Approved?

If you have an application being reviewed by the UWCC and you have not been directly contacted by the Curriculum Office by the Friday after the meeting, your application has likely been approved and has been added to the SDB. You can always check to see if your application has been approved in UW CM.  At the end of each month, the Curriculum Office posts a report on the Curriculum Office website of all approved applications. Any pending or held application that is resolved before the next Curriculum meeting is added to the report for the month it was originally reviewed.

When Will Changes Appear in the Catalog?

The Online Course Catalog is updated on an on-going basis and displays only the version of courses effective during the current academic quarter. Any approved new course or changes to existing courses for future quarters will show up in the catalog prior to the Time Schedule for that quarter going live.