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Agendas in UW CM

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Creating Agendas
Adding Proposals to the Agenda
Sending the Agenda
Editing the Agenda
Archiving the Agenda

Creating Agendas

Step 1. Select “Agendas” from the left navigation panel

Step 2. Click on “New Agenda”

Image showing UW CM's agenda interface, highlighting the "New Agenda" button

UW CM “New Agenda” feature

You can also create a new agenda by selecting “Duplicate” on another agenda. Be aware that “Duplicate” will copy everything from the previous agenda so be sure to change the title straight away in order to distinguish them.

Step 3. Add title, date, time and location

The title, date, and time show up on the search page. Only the title is searchable. Use the name of the department, college or school in the name.

Step 4. Add attendees by typing in their UW NetID and then selecting their name from the drop down.

Image of UW CM agenda attendees dropdown

Attendees dropdown

Step 5. Optionally, add attachments (e.g. the full agenda, additional documents for review at the meeting)

Because “Agendas” in UW CM can be easily edited and deleted by anyone with access to UW CM, it is recommended that you¬†maintain an archivable version of the agenda outside of UW CM. If you choose to use UW CM to build out your full meeting agenda, you can “print” the UW CM agenda and save it outside of the system.

Image showing UW CM's adding an attachment to an agenda

Add attachments

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Adding Proposals to the Agenda

Step 1. Look up individual proposals by code

Either enter the course codes in the text search area and select the proposal to add from the drop down.

Image of UW CM's proposal lookup dropdown

Proposal lookup

Step 2. Select proposals from workflow

Or, click on “Select from Workflow” and you can select all proposals awaiting review at certain proposal stops.

  1. Select the node (Department, School or College, University) for which you are building an Agenda.

    Most often you will be selecting from the top row of the workflow diagram. These are the “Approval” stops in standard workflow. The bottom rows are “Approval” stops for the Interdisciplinary prefixes. The lower rows are for “Other Curricular Relationship” “Acknowledgements”.

  2. Filter for the Unit of Interest
    Start typing the name of the Department, College or School in the “Filter” search box and select the unit from the drop down to get all proposals awaiting review and approval for that given Department, College/School or the entire University.

    Image of Proposal approval workflow

    Proposal approval workflow

  3. Select Proposals to Add
    The proposals matching the search criteria will show up under the workflow diagram. You can select individual proposals to add or you can select all by clicking the box in the top header row. Click on the “Add Proposals” button when you’re finished making your selections.

    Image UW CM select proposal feature

    Select proposal(s)

    Note: You can click on the course code and a new tab will open with the course proposal for quick viewing.

  4. Leave Edit Mode

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Sending the Agenda

Once you’re finished building out your agenda, send it to curriculum committee members by clicking on the Send link in the right-hand navigation panel. By default, the agenda will be sent to all participants. You can add or remove recipients before sending. Recipients will all receive an email notification like the one below. There are links to the individual proposals and the full agenda in the notification.

You can also copy the URL of the Agenda into your own email to send to participants.

Image of the "Send" button to send the agenda in UW CM

Send the agenda

Image of popup in UW CM to identify agenda recipients

Identify agenda recipients

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Editing the Agenda

If you need to edit the agenda, first search for the agenda. Then click on the result to get into the Agenda. Select “Edit” from the right hand menu.

Image of right-hand menu in the agendas feature of UW CM, highlighting the "Edit" link

Edit agenda

If there have been updates to the proposal list that aren’t showing up, you can select the refresh icon to refresh the list. You can also delete proposals from the list by selecting the “trash” icon next to the proposal. You can also change the order of the proposals by selecting the hamburger to the left of each proposal and dragging the proposal into the order you want.

Image showing the proposal list, with the refresh, reorder and delete functions highlighted

Refresh, reorder or delete proposals

If you determine you don’t need the agenda or if it was created in error, you can delete the agenda by selecting “Delete” from the right hand menu.

Image of right-hand menu in the agendas feature of UW CM, highlighting the "Delete" link

Delete agenda

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Archiving the Agenda

Once the meeting has passed and you want to archive the agenda,¬†first search for the agenda. Then click on the result to get into the Agenda. Select “archive” from the right-hand menu. If you want to find “Archived” agendas, be sure to turn on the “Archived” filter on the Agenda search page.

Image of right-hand menu in the agendas feature of UW CM, highlighting the "Archive" link

Archive agenda

Image showing an archived agenda, highlighting that the "archived" filter has been checked

Archived agenda

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