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Sharing Proposal Drafts

In this quick guide

The draft of a proposal (course, program, credential, department information) can be shared with another UW CM user. Sharing a draft with another user allows for multiple individuals, not just the proposal creator, to edit the draft proposal before it is submitted into the workflow for approvals.

After a draft proposal is submitted into the workflow, sharing also allows the proposal to be edited and resubmitted by both the creator and the individual(s) with whom the draft proposal was shared, should the proposal be sent back to the proposer node from an approval node.

In addition, individuals with whom the draft proposal was shared will receive notifications of all workflow actions (approvals, send backs, rejection).

Please note, proposals can only be shared as drafts; once a proposal is submitted into the workflow, it cannot be shared with another UW CM user.

Step 1: Select ‘Save and Exit’ to save a draft of your proposal

When you are creating a draft of your proposal, select ‘Save and Exit’.

Step 2: Select ‘Sharing’

A dialogue box will appear after you click the ‘Sharing’ button.

Step 3: Add ‘Select User’

Add a UW CM user by typing in the user’s last name and deliberately selecting the appropriate individual.

Note: Drafts can be shared with multiple UW CM users.

Step 4: Save ‘Select User’

After all users have been selected, click the ‘Save’ button, which will return you to your draft proposal.

Step 5: Email notification sent to selected users

The individual(s) with whom you shared your proposal will receive an email notification from UW CM, and have the ability to edit and/or submit the draft proposal into the workflow.

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