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Temporary Distance Learning

In this quick guide*

Due to circumstances as a result of COVID-19, units in need of the flexibility to offer a course as distance learning may submit a course proposal to request a temporary distance learning designation.

A temporary distance learning designation request only requires department/unit-level approval. At this point, the designation may only be requested through the Summer 2021 quarter.

Units needing to add a standard distance learning designation should continue to follow the existing distance learning designation process.

*For Seattle and Bothell campuses only. For Tacoma DL classes, please consult your campus curriculum committee for guidelines.

Step 1. Log into UW CM

Log into UW CM using your UW NetID and password. If you experience issues, please contact the UW Curriculum Office at

Step 2. Find your course

Select ‘Courses’ on the left navigation panel. Under ‘Filters’, make sure the ‘Active’ checkbox is clicked. Type the course prefix and number or the title in the search bar to find your course. You can further narrow the search results with the department or college/school filters. Select your course in the results section.

Step 3. Propose to add a Temporary DL designation

To propose a temporary distance learning designation, click the ‘Propose Changes’ button.

Step 4. Propose a first effective quarter/year

The temporary distance learning designation may not be requested beyond the Summer 2021 quarter. Do not propose a last effective quarter/year.

Step 5. Check the “This is a proposal to add Temporary Distance Learning designation to the course” box

By checking this box, the course change proposal will go through a truncated workflow, which only requires approval at the department/unit-level before reaching the UW Curriculum Office workflow node.

Step 6. Complete the required Temporary DL designation fields

Step 7. Review proposed changes and then select “Submit for Approval”

Review your proposed changes before submitting the proposal into the workflow. Your proposed changes will appear in yellow above the existing content (in blue).

Note: A syllabus is not required for a temporary distance learning designation request. In addition, completing the evaluation details, learning objectives, and classroom activities and hours sections is not required.

Step 8. UW Curriculum Office review and processing

After the required workflow approvals and acknowledgements (if necessary) are made, the UW Curriculum Office will review and process your proposed temporary distance learning designation request. In most cases, a temporary distance learning designation request will not require UW Curriculum Committee review.

Due to the high volume of course proposals, urgent temporary distance learning designation requests or issues should be brought to the attention of the UWCO.

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