Office of the University Registrar

Joint Courses

A joint course is one offered under the sponsorship of two or more University units. In such cases, one of the units must be responsible for the actual administration of the course.

The number of the course for each curriculum prefix must be at the same level, e.g., 100, 200, 300, 400, 500. The title, abbreviated title, credit, grading, description, prerequisite, and every other feature of the course must be identical in every respect. Please note that a joint course is one course under the sponsorship of more than one University unit.

If two or more departments within one college or school are offering a course jointly, one application is prepared and submitted by the responsible department. This application must be signed under Item 8 by the chair of each department offering the course.

If departments from separate schools or colleges are offering a course jointly, each school or college must submit a separate application which must be signed by the department chair, the curriculum committee chair, and the dean of that school or college. The application submitted by the responsible department must also be signed by the chair of each department offering the course jointly.