Office of the University Registrar

Making Major Curriculum Changes

If you are planning on making major revisions to your curriculum (i.e. adding or changing prefixes and/or course numbers, consolidating one or more prefixes, etc.) there are several things that must be reviewed and submitted.

Course Prefixes and Numbering

When making a major change to your course prefixes you need to submit a memo describing the changes you want to make including the following:

  • The prefix or prefixes you plan to add, change, or remove; and what they stand for; the date you want the changes effective; why you need to make the changes; and get it signed by the same people you sign course applications.
  • A second page in spreadsheet format that lists the courses that will be affected by this change. In the left column the courses as they are currently approved (current prefix and number) and in the right column how you propose the courses to be listed (new prefix and number if applicable).
  • Note: If you are also planning on changing the level of any of the courses as part of your major revision, such as going from a 300 to a 400, you must submit a course change application for each course whose level is changing that includes an updated syllabus reflecting the proposed level for the course.


It is important to remember when changing prefix and/or number of a course that you may be affecting other courses that require it as a prerequisite.

  • You will need to include an additional spreadsheet that lists any courses in your department that require the course(s) whose prefix and/or number is changing.
  • The Curriculum Office will check to see if your course is a required or recommended prerequisite for courses outside of your department.

General Catalog Program Description and Graduation Requirements

You will need to submit a 1503 if any of your changed courses appear in your (or anyone else’s) program description.