Office of the University Registrar

Repeat Policy Change Form

This email form is for changing the registration periods in which you allow or deny repeat registration to take place. By using this form, you can restrict repeat registration in any registration period, or restrict it entirely for a given course. For more information, see the repeat-policy overview page.

Note: Repeat registration restriction is a function of the curriculum and thus cannot be specified for a particular section in a particular quarter.

All fields in this form must be filled out. Please fill out the form for each repeat change you desire. Do not put multiple requests on the same form. Only requests filled out by departmental curriculum coordinators will be processed.

All courses are initially set up with the default to allow repeat registration in all three registration periods. You can view a course’s repeat-policy restrictions on the Student Database (SDB) on screen SRF200. If you want to make any changes to the repeat-policy restrictions, please use this form.

If you are changing the repeat registration for any quarter, please make sure that all three registration periods are correct before submitting this form.

Changing Repeat Policy