Office of the University Registrar

Repeat Policy

University policy, as defined in Student Governance and Policies, Chapter 115, Section 2, “Repeating of Courses”, permits students to register for a course a second time with departmental approval. At the time of registration, add transactions will search the student’s transcript and current class schedule to determine if the student has a grade in the course including an Incomplete (“I”), S/NS, or CR/NC or is currently registered for the course. If the student is attempting to take the course for the 3rd time, the system response will be a message display that the course has been previously repeated and the student is not eligible to register for the course. Courses with an “X”, W, or W3-W7 in the grade field are not counted as completed and are not subject to this checking process. Courses listed in the Time Schedule with the following values are NOT subject the repeat rules:

  • Courses numbered 500 and above
  • Courses listed with a maximum repeat credit limit
  • Courses with the repeat-exempt flag set to YES
  • ELP courses of ENGL 100 or ENGL 101
  • Courses with variable credit
  • Courses with duplicate registration allowed in the same quarter
  • Independent Study courses coded as IS
  • A course designated as Research
  • A course taken for Audit

Departmental approval for the first repeat of a course will be automatically set as YES in the curriculum database unless a department notifies the Curriculum Office that one or all of the following options should be NO:

  1. Allow repeat registration Period I YES/NO
  2. Allow repeat registration Period II YES/NO
  3. Allow repeat registration Period III YES/NO.

If a department selects NO option for all three options, students will not be permitted to register for the course a second time. If a department sets the option for Period I as NO and retains the YES for the two remaining registration periods, students will be permitted to register for the course as the first repeat but not until Registration Period II.

In some cases, departments may determine after careful evaluation that it is appropriate to permit a student to register for a course more than 2 times. In these situations, the department staff will use the SRF 104 screen to override the restriction. The override code will be “R”. Entry codes will not override this restriction which must be done using this screen. Departments may also override the Period restriction for an individual student by using this same override code.

Repeat Policy Change Form [UWNetID required]