Office of the University Registrar

Services of Data Services

Services performed by the Data Services Office

The Data Services Office serves as the distribution center for all paper-based reports, as well as the input center for data into the Student Database for all three campuses. Our mission is to maintain the data’s integrity by correcting any issues with student records.


Some of the services provided by the Data Services include:

  • Monitor the Student Database (SDB) data daily for all changes to the records made by staff on all three campuses. We monitor the input of the faculty grade reports, admission applications, addresses, and other student data.
  • Process the major changes submitted by departments for their students, enter the graduate-on-leave records, and enter the Recruitment Plus information for those seeking information on UW for Admissions.
  • Add transcript records into the SDB, including initial contact information, of students enrolled prior to the creation of the SDB in the early 80s.
  • Safeguard the knowledge of each piece of stored data and how they relate to a student’s record and transcript.
  • Archive paper reports that maintain the history of data for the Division of Student Life. We schedule processes to get data to University departments on all three campuses and ensure these processes meet both the yearly and quarterly calendar.
  • Setup the calendar within the SDB to follow the University’s calendar and the Common Calendar developed with Student Fiscal Services and Student Financial Aid. This yearly calendar keeps these processes on track to meet the needs of the University and its student population.
  • Upload data to the SDB for new applicants, test scores for undergrad and graduate students, transcript data for transfer students, grades and course information from the Law School and the School of Medicine. We ensure uploads are performed with consistency and timeliness while following the guidelines of the calendar.