Office of the University Registrar

February 12, 2021

Extraordinary Circumstances Quarter Late Grading Option Form Release – March 24

Dear University of Washington students,

The University recognizes the impact these extraordinary times have on students. For Winter 2021, which has been designated an Extraordinary Circumstances Quarter, Satisfactory (S) grades will count toward degree and graduation requirements.

Review the Extraordinary Circumstances Quarter web page to understand this new policy and process. Refer to the chart on the web page explaining the differences between the 7th week S/NS change deadline and the Extraordinary Circumstances Quarter process after grades are posted:

  • 7th week S/NS change – ends February 21st. Students can change courses to or from S/NS grading themselves via MyUW’s Register with SLN option.
  • Extraordinary Circumstances Quarter process – begins March 24th. Students may request to change their Winter 2021 course grade mode at any time until graduation.

Extraordinary Circumstances Quarter S/NS Grading

Students enrolled for Winter 2021 will receive the link to the Extraordinary Circumstances Quarter Late Grading Option Change form on March 24th. Please note the $20.00 Change of Registration fee will be assessed each time a request is made to switch to or from S/NS grading.

Professional Students

For Winter 2021, professional students should check with their respective school registrar for details on S/NS grading options and to see if their program is participating in this process.

We hope that continuing to offer this grade mode change option helps you navigate these challenging times while still advancing towards your degree.

Questions? Please write to us at:

HELEN B. GARRETT, Ed.D., University Registrar
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