Office of the University Registrar

November 3, 2020

After CPT Approval

Think of your CPT application as a contract

  • Do not begin your work/internship until you receive your CPT I-20 from ISS. You do not have CPT permission until you have your I-20 and have reviewed the authorization for accuracy.
  • Follow U.S. CPT laws. Beginning your training/employment before the start date on this I-20, or continuing after the end date on this I-20, is a violation of U.S. law. Even one extra day is a violation of U.S. law. Punishment for violating these laws can include loss of your student status and serious problems with future visas and U.S. travel.
  • Register for and earn the CPT course credits listed on your CPT application. Your CPT application is a contract between you, your academic department, and the U.S. government. Failure to register for the exact number of credits and the exact class written in your application can cause the loss of your student status and serious problems with future visas and U.S. travel.

Review Your CPT Authorization

  • Check for errors right away. Review the authorized start date, end date, full-time/part-time information, employer name, and employer city and state on Page 2 of your CPT I-20 carefully. If you request edits to the authorization (such as correcting an employer name, address, or date) that was not an ISS error, you must allow 10 business days for the update. ISS cannot edit CPT information if the CPT end date has already passed.
  • Follow the rules of the authorization. Don’t work outside of the start and end dates. Unauthorized employment is a violation of federal regulations/student visa status. It is your responsibility to learn and follow the employment rules for your student visa status.

Changes to your CPT Application

Get government permission through ISS before you make any changes to your CPT authorization.

Types of changes requiring permission:

  • CPT cancellations
  • Shortening CPT end date
  • Extending CPT end date within the same quarter
  • Requesting CPT credit changes
  • Updating CPT employment information (example: company moves to new address)

Request permission (through ISS) with the CPT Update Request form.

If you request a change to your CPT information after your CPT end date has passed, we will not be able to update your authorization

You still will be required to register for and earn CPT credit according to the application.

CPT Extension Request

You can request an extension on your current CPT if:

  • The position and company stay the same
  • The new requested end date is before the start of the next academic quarter
    • For extensions, complete the “CPT Update Request”
    • You must apply for an extension in sufficient time to allow your ISS adviser to issue a new CPT authorization before you can continue beyond the end date of your current CPT.
    • If your new requested end date is after the start of the next academic quarter, you must submit a new CPT application.

Submitting Another CPT Application

When do I need to submit another CPT application?

  • If you change employers
  • If you change from part-time to full-time (or vice versa)
  • If the new requested CPT end date overlaps with the next academic quarter
    • Note: This is not an extension. If you would like to extend your CPT authorization within the same quarter, you must submit the CPT Update Request form.