Office of the University Registrar

November 3, 2020

Education Records

What is an Education Record?

An education record is defined as any record that directly identifies a student and is maintained by the institution or educational agency or by a party acting for the institution or educational agency. A key distinction of education records is that education records are shared. A record is considered shared if that record is stored in an area accessible to others or if that record is shared directly with another faculty or staff member. Shared notes in EARS and email correspondence are considered shared and can be requested by a student.

FERPA prohibits the disclosure of personally identifiable information derived from education records. Education records can exist in any medium including:

  • handwritten
  • typed
  • computer generated
  • videotape
  • audiotape
  • film
  • microfilm
  • microfiche
  • email
  • etc.

What are not Educational Records?

  • law enforcement records*
  • treatment/medical records*
  • alumni records
  • employment records (unless the job is for a student only)
  • sole possession records

*once disclosed become educational records