Office of the University Registrar

November 3, 2020

I-94 Arrival/Departure Record

Image of sample I-94, highlighting admission class and "Admit Until Date" fields

Sample I-94

I-94 Arrival and Departure Record

If you arrive in the U.S. by airplane or ship you will typically be issued an online I-94 automatically.

Students who enter at a land border or by boat may be given a paper I-94 card instead of the online version.

Inspect Your I-94 for Mistakes

After you enter, check your I-94 has “F-1” and “D/S” — if it has anything different, you will need to contact ISS for assistance.

Image of sample I-94 arrival/departure record

Sample I-94 arrival/departure record

  • F-1
    • The F-1 on your I-94 proves you have been admitted in “F-1 student” status.
    • If you are admitted in a different category by mistake, it can cause problems with on-campus jobs and full-time study.
  • D/S
    • The D/S on your I-94 proves you have been admitted for “duration of status”
    • Duration of status means you may legally stay in the U.S. for as long as you keep your I-20 valid and are following the F-1 laws