Office of the University Registrar

November 3, 2020

J-1 Address Updates

J-1 students in the U.S. have a “local” address (U.S. address) and a “permanent” address (non-U.S.) in the UW student database.

When you arrive in the U.S. you must update your local address on your MyUW page within 10 days of moving in.

You must also update your MyUW account with a local phone number. If you do not plan to get a U.S. phone number, you can use the Study Abroad office number: (206) 221-4404.

If you move to another residence, always update your local address through MyUW within 10 days. If your permanent address changes, email your primary ISS adviser with your new address.

If another organization (such as Fulbright) is your program sponsor, follow their instructions for updating your address.