Office of the University Registrar

November 3, 2020

New Student Check-In

Three Step Check-In

Step 1. Upload immigration document files

These files are required to verify your nonimmigrant status, and are needed before ISS can activate your SEVIS record.

Review instructions on the ISS New Student Post-Arrival Checklist. Plan to provide scans/photos of:

  • I-20 page 1 showing signature & date
  • F-1 visa (Canadians exempt)
  • I-94 record
  • Passport biographical page

Step 2. Update local address in MyUW

Log into MyUW and provide the address where you are staying in Seattle.

  • It can be a temporary address like a hotel, homestay, or friend’s address where you are staying
  • It cannot be a university department address
  • It cannot be a business address
  • It cannot be a Post Office (PO) Box

Address format is important!

It is critical you learn how to correctly format your U.S. address after you arrive. If you enter the address incorrectly in My UW, your address may not validate in the government’s SEVIS database.

This causes your new student check-in to be rejected.

Local address update tips

Local address update tips

Step 3. Update local phone number in MyUW