Office of the University Registrar

November 3, 2020

Paying University Tuition

After you register, you will notice an amount balance on your MyUW page–charges include tuition and other fees. The insurance premium will also appear on your account page.

Tuition is due the third Friday of the quarter. (Exception: students admitted to certain self-sustaining programs may need to pay tuition at the time of registration; your academic program should provide you with information about individual tuition deadlines).

If your tuition will be paid by a third party (home government, employer, etc.) you must complete a billing contract online. The Student Fiscal Services Office (SFS), 129 Schmitz Hall, can assist you.

Safe and Secure Payments

UW offers multiple safe and secure ways to pay your account balance.

The UW’s Student Fiscal Services office lists recommended methods for making international payments on their website:

Crime Alert!

Do not give your payment to ANYONE who promises to pay for you, and save you money. UW students, and other university students around the world, have had their money stolen!

Times Higher Education Story

Traveling with Money

We do not recommend carrying large amounts of cash or “negotiable instruments” to pay your account balance. U.S. law requires you to declare large amounts (=> $10,000 USD) that you bring into the U.S. when you cross the border. This requires extra paperwork and may delay your border crossing.

It is not safe to carry large amounts of money or “negotiable instruments” with you at any time. If your money or money-type document is lost or stolen, you may have serious difficulty!