Office of the University Registrar

March 27, 2023

Spring 2023 Registration Change Guide

This message is being sent to all students across the University of Washington who are registered for Spring 2023.

Dear University of Washington students,

This guide provides information about adding, dropping, or withdrawing from any or all of your Spring 2023 courses. You may not need these instructions until later in the quarter, so hold onto this email for future reference. As always, consult with your adviser before making changes if you need help.

Spring 2023 Registration Changes

Carefully review these instructions, deadlines, and links. Beginning April 3, 2023, there will be a $20 Change of Registration fee associated with any kind of change to your Spring 2023 registration, with a maximum of $20 charged per day.

UW Academic Calendar 2022-2023

Review the University of Washington 2022-2023 Academic Calendar, especially the Adding/Dropping Courses or Complete Withdrawal section for Spring 2023 deadlines.

Request a Religious Accommodation

It is the policy of the University to reasonably accommodate students’ religious observances. Learn more about the Religious Accommodations Policy.

Deadline: The accommodation request deadline for Spring 2023 is Friday, April 7, by 5 p.m.

Critical: Required Husky Prevention & Response (Title IX) Student Course

Husky Prevention & Response is a course about preventing and responding to sex- and gender-based violence and harassment. Beginning with the academic year 2022-2023 new and returning freshman, transfer, graduate, and professional students are required to complete the 60–90-minute online student course. New and returning 2022-2023 students who do not complete the course will be blocked from registering for Spring 2023. Begin the Husky Prevention & Response Student Course now or learn more on the Title IX student course page.

Sign Up to Monitor UW-IT System Outages

In the rare event that there is a disruption of a UW-Information Technology system, such as the registration services, you can monitor the status of the reinstatement of the services by signing up for the eOutage notices.

Drop Courses from Your Schedule

Review the tuition forfeiture policy when considering course drops — you may not get all your tuition back depending on when you drop.

Through April 2: End of Week 1

No fee charged. Course drops do not appear on your transcript.
Add and drop courses freely using MyUW. If you drop all your courses, a withdrawal statement and the date of withdrawal will be posted to your transcript.

April 3-9: Week 2 – Unrestricted Drop Period

$20 fee charged. Course drops do not appear on your transcript.
You can continue to add and drop courses using MyUW, but you will be charged a $20 Change of Registration fee for all registration changes made on a single day. If you drop all your courses, a withdrawal statement and the date of withdrawal will be posted to your transcript.

April 10 – June 2: Week 3 – Last Day of Instruction

$20 fee charged. Course drops appear on your transcript.
You may drop one class yourself via MyUW using the self-serve Quarterly Drop. Follow the same instructions as Week 2. To drop multiple classes or an additional class if you already used your Quarterly Drop, use the Adviser-Assisted Drop Request Form. Consult with your adviser, who must approve your schedule changes before your campus registration team completes the request. Each dropped course will appear on the transcript with a Registrar Drop (RD) annotation.

Full-time status: If your enrollment depends on maintaining full-time status, including NCAA athletes and F-1/J-1 international students, you may not be able to use the self-serve Quarterly Drop. In these cases, use the Adviser-Assisted Drop.

Withdraw Completely from the Quarter

April 10 – June 9: Week 3 – Last Day of Instruction

No fee charged. Course drops appear on your transcript.

To withdraw from all your courses, submit the Adviser-Assisted Drop Request Form. Students may not completely withdraw after June 9. Each dropped course will appear on the transcript with an RD annotation. A withdrawal statement and the date of withdrawal will also appear.


THROUGH Friday, June 9: End of Finals Week/Quarter

You can change the grading option of your courses to and from the Satisfactory/Not Satisfactory (S/NS) grading option via your MyUW registration page up through the end of finals week/last week of the quarter, Friday, June 9.

S graded courses do not count for degree or graduation requirements for undergraduate students.

Students may only register for up to 20 credits of S/NS through Personal Services on MyUW. If you have exceeded the 20 credit limit (which includes courses changed to S/NS grading during Extraordinary Circumstances Quarters), you may send a request for additional S/NS grading changes to

Fee: The $20 Change of Registration fee applies each time you request a grading option change. Based on your overall financial situation, if incurring the grade change fee creates a hardship you may want to contact the Office of Student Financial Aid.

Drop Courses from a Previous Quarter

The Former Quarter Drop allows students to petition to drop courses for past quarters. A Former Quarter Drop (FQD) may be granted by your campus registration team if you are unable to complete or withdraw from your course(s) because of extenuating circumstances beyond your control. If approved, your transcript will display an RD for those courses.

Please review the policy and eligibility requirements to determine if this is the right process for you. You may also consider speaking to an adviser to support you through this process if you have questions or need guidance with completing the FQD process.

Registrar Drop (RD) Transcript Notation

Any courses dropped beginning the third week of the quarter will display an RD on your transcript for those courses.

Do you still have questions about any of this information? Please contact your corresponding campus registration team.

Helen B. Garrett, Ed.D., University Registrar
University of Washington –

Andrea Coker-Anderson, MPA, Registrar
University of Washington Tacoma –

Pamela H. Lundquist, M.Ed., Registrar
University of Washington Bothell –