Office of the University Registrar

Change of Major Forms

Shared NetIDs

The Change of Major process does not support shared NetIDs. The initiating adviser will need to designate a specific recipient’s NetID, who will then have the option to reassign if necessary.

Submit a Change of Major/Minor Form

The initiating adviser will designate all departmental signatures required to process the change. The initating adviser will receive a copy of the form after all designated recipients have signed. Follow the steps below.

Step 1: Choose the appropriate change of major/minor form template

Advisers should choose the appropriate template based on the number of adviser or departmental designee signatures required to authorize the change. For example, if a student requests to drop a major from one department and add a major in a different department, the adviser from the current department would choose the “two departmental signatures” version of the form.

Step 2: Fill out the form template

The initiating adviser will enter their name and email address under “Adviser 1”. The initiating adviser will also enter the contact information of additional advisers or departmental designees (if any) required to authorize the change, along with the student’s contact information.

Step 3: Fill in the change of major/minor form

The adviser must provide at a minimum:

  • Student Number
  • Student Name
  • Requested Change (choose all that apply)
  • Effective Quarter
  • Effective Year

The adviser should also enter all college, major/minor abbreviation, pathway and type codes necesary to complete the requested changes. The Enterprise Data Warehouse maintains a major code report and a minor code report.

Note: you must be authorized to run reports on the EDW. Submit a UW-IT reports access request if needed.

Step 4: Sign the form and finish

Once the initiating adviser signs the form and clicks “Finish”, DocuSign will automatically notify all designated recipients to sign the document. After all designated recipients have signed, all parties will receive a copy of the completed form for their records, including the student.

When the initiating adviser receives the completed form, they must submit the form to the Registration Office by sending an email with the PDF form attached to