Office of the University Registrar

Changing a Course’s Grading Options

Review class lists for current grading option

The first- and census-day class lists indicate the grading option for each course. If the grading option is incorrect, contact the Time Schedule Coordinator immediately to have it corrected. If left undone, the incorrect option will be the only available option for online grade submission.

Students should be notified immediately of any grading system changes. Students may have opted to take a course based on the grading system as published in the Time Schedule.

GradePage or GradeBook does not allow entry of the appropriate grades for a class – what to do

Contact the Curriculum Coordinator for the corresponding department. They will notify the Time Schedule Office of the change.


Paper/hardcopy faculty grade reports are no longer in use at the University of Washington. GradePage is the official online grade submission tool for the UW.