Office of the University Registrar

Graduation Application Degree Audits (GDARS)

To set up your printer to run a DARS Graduation Application on the SDB

  • From the toolbar, pull down the SETUP menu and select PrinterFont.
  • Choose ‘Lucida Console’, ‘Courier’, or another proportional font.
  • Choose 10 point font size.
  • After you’ve done this, go back into the SETUP menu and select SaveSetup. (This will save paper and headaches!)

Basic Situations (single major/degree; 1st degree)

  • EARS: After selecting the student, click Degree Audit. Select a degree program. Submit.
    SDB: On the 390 screen, run a new audit by entering A in the action field.
  • Review the audit on screen with the student and student file to make sure all exceptions have been made. Review remaining requirements with the student.
  • Check for credit discrepancies against the UW transcript (DARS catches repeats) or the total credits listed on the SRI310 screen.
  • Verify majors and minors (if any).
  • If everything is correct:
    • EARS: select the degree program again. Check the box below, Include Graduation Application, and submit.
    • SDB: If everything is correct, run a graduation application by entering G in the action field. (This will run and print the graduation application.)
  • For minor(s): write the name of the minor(s) on the GDARS. Run and attach a DARS minor report for each minor. See our Minor Guide for instructions.

Double Major or Double Degree Students

  • Verify that the student intends to complete the second degree/major. Majors and minors that the student does not plan to complete must be dropped officially using a Change of Major/Minor form. Change of Major/Minor forms can only be processed if a student is currently registered.
  • SDB only: Before you run a new audit for your major, enter an F in action so DARS will find the correct entrance date into the major.
  • Proceed as above. Check the double degree/major box on the GDARS and note the name of the second degree/major.
  • Each department must submit a separate GDARS.

Post-baccalaureate Students

  • DARS will recognize the student’s status and run a post baccalaureate audit including only those requirements relevant to a post baccalaureate degree.
  • Check the student’s record to be sure 45 credit residency requirement and the 2.0 minimum postbaccalaureate GPA requirement are being met. (DARS does not track these requirements.)
  • Admissions does not transfer credits for postbaccalaureate students. Make DARS exceptions to waive credits/courses on the basis of work complete at another institution.

Finalize the DARS Graduation Application

  • Remind students that all coursework must be completed by the end of the quarter in which they apply to graduate, and all grades must be recorded within two-and-a-half weeks after the quarter. Distance Learning courses or unevaluated Foreign Study credits may delay graduation.
  • Note comments pertaining to this student: e.g., petition in process, distance learning plans, foreign study, incompletes, etc.
  • Sign and send the graduation audit to Graduation and Academic Records. Make sure the student reads the graduation application before signing. We recommend that you keep a copy of the signed DARS graduation application for your records, and encourage the student to keep a copy.
  • Remind students to contact their adviser and GARS if there is a change to their graduation date, or if they are dropping a major or minor. They should give enough notice so changes are as smooth as possible.
  • Send an e-mail to to:
    • Correct a graduation application or clarify a requirement
    • Change a student’s graduation date
    • Notify GARS if you make a DARS exception after the application is on file.

NOTE: If you send a revised DARS graduation application to GARS, write REVISION in red in the upper left-hand corner.