Office of the University Registrar

Time Schedule FAQ for Advisers, Faculty and Staff

The following FAQs are to assist faculty and staff. A complimentary FAQ is available for students.

Please Note: Beginning Autumn Quarter 2005, secondary course meetings (e.g., lab (LB) and quiz (QZ) sections), have their own SLN and are listed immediately below the primary lecture section in the Time Schedule. At the time of registration, students must choose both a primary and a secondary section (where both exist) to be able to enroll in a course. Please see below for answers to the most frequently asked questions about this change.

Adviser, Faculty, and Staff FAQs

Will I get class list for the lecture, quiz, or both?

Each course section that has been assigned an SLN and has enrollment will generate a class list.

Can I still get a combined grade sheet?

Grade sheets will be available based either on the primary (lecture) section or on the secondary (quiz) sections. Departments will need to request one or the other by the end of the 7th week of the quarter (autumn, winter and spring). The default will be to provide grade sheets based on the primary.

Why don't labs or quizzes show credits?

Under the new format primary sections (most often with a section type of lecture) may have a one to many relationship with secondary sections (most often quizzes or labs). Only the primary section of a course has credits associated with it. It is the primary section that appears on the student’s transcript.