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Hardship Withdrawal Petitions FAQ

Why would a Hardship Petition be denied?

Petitions are denied if they lack appropriate documentation, or if the Committee does not feel the situation meets the criteria outlined for granting a Hardship Withdrawal (HW).
Some examples would include petitions:

Deadline Issues
  • Submitted outside of the 1-year filing deadline
  • The medical debilitation or extenuating circumstance did not arise after the second week of the quarter and/or prevent the student from dropping the course by the published course drop deadline
Documentation Issues
  • Documentation of how the course under petition was specifically affected by the situation (for partial HWs) is not provided
  • Official documentation of a death was not provided, or documentation of the familial relationship to the deceased was not clearly substantiated
  • Third-party professional supporting documentation was not provided
  • Acceptable medical documents are not provided, did not clearly show physical and/or mental debilitation, or did not contain all requested information as per the HW Health Care Provider Form
  • Where the documentation has not been translated into English by an accredited translator or by a third party professional with contact information
Other Issues
  • An HW was already granted for the same or similar condition(s)
  • The situation is considered an academic issue, and therefore not under the jurisdiction of the HW Committee.
  • The situation is not considered debilitating and/or beyond the student’s control
  • The student’s degree has already been conferred

NOTE: International students should meet with an adviser from the International Student Services (ISS) office to be apprised of any potential F1 Visa violations due to withdrawn courses.

What is the appeal process for a denied Hardship Petition?

The Hardship Withdrawal Committee will review an appeal of a denied petition if additional materials that were not previously submitted and are germane to the hardship and specific quarter under petition are provided within 90 days of the notification of the initial petition’s denial.

Documents can be sent as attachments via email to

If my Hardship Petition and appeal are denied, can I re-petition?

A Hardship Petition that has been denied may be appealed (see the previous FAQ).

However, if a Hardship Petition was denied and the appeal was denied as well, the student may NOT re-petition for that quarter.

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