Office of the University Registrar

Ordering Transcripts

Important Transcript Ordering Information

Requesting An Official Transcript

  • Before ordering an Official Transcript, please check your unofficial transcript on MyUW (on the Academics Tab, in the Grades box) to ensure your grades and/or degree have been posted. We will not reprint or reorder (for free) Official Transcripts because of a failure to do so. Be advised that we are unable to hold transcript requests until grades and degrees have posted.
  • Please allow 3-5 days for processing after your request is received by the Transcript Office. Be advised that the end and beginning of each quarter we experience high than normal request volume, so there may be longer turnaround times during these periods.
  • If you order your transcript in person, same day pick up is possible for 1-5 copies; however, if it needs to be mailed, it will be processed within 2 business days after your request is submitted.
  • If you have a form to submit with your transcript request (Such as NursingCAS, AACOMAS, etc.), you cannot order your transcript via MyUW. You must send the transcript request form and your organization’s form together by mail or in person.
    •  You may choose to send transcripts electronically to LSAC or AMCAS via e-ScripSafe when submitting a request via MyUW, but you will not be able to enter your LSAC or AMCAS numbers during this process. You will then need to email us at and provide us with your 8-digit LSAC number or for AMCAS, your 8-digit AAMC ID and 7-digit Transcript ID # numbers so that we may transmit the transcripts.
  • If you would like to have someone other than yourself pick up your transcript for you, you need to include the following information on your Transcript Request Form, or on a separate note to our office:
    • 1. Your name and student number
    • 2. The full name of the person who will be doing the pick-up (they will need to bring in a photo ID)
    • 3. How many copies of your transcript they are authorized to pick-up
    • 4. Your signature
    • This note must either come with the person to our office or it must be faxed or emailed to us as a PDF prior.
  • If you have any questions about a transcript you have already ordered, and it has been at least 2 weeks since the placement of your order, please call the Registration and Transcripts Office
  • We do not accept any transcript orders by telephone.

Delivery of Your Official Transcripts

  • The University of Washington does not fax official transcripts. Our official transcripts are available in hard copy and electronically (e-transcripts). Transcripts can be picked up in person or sent by mail. If you need your transcript notarized, you cannot have it sent electronically (e-transcript).
  • Same day pick up is possible for 1-5 copies of your official transcript if ordered and picked up in person.
  • Our transcripts all go out regular mail, both domestically and internationally. If you want to order your transcript Express mail, you can only do so when ordering on MyUW, there is an express mail option for an extra fee. This option is not available for current students. If you order your transcript in person, all students can bring a prepaid Express envelope from the US post office, UPS or FedEx and we will mail it out from our office. It is not possible to do Express mail with the transcript request form.
  • For current students ordering through MyUW who are mailing internationally, please fill out the 4 lines of the address fields with your foreign address, you may leave the city, state, and zip code blank.
  • Your transcript will not be issued until all holds have been removed and all outstanding bills have been paid to the University of Washington.
  • If your transcript is to be used for official purposes please check with your organization or school if it should be sent from the University of Washington directly to the school or agency.
  • If your transcript is sent directly to you, it is enclosed in an envelope and sealed on the back – which may not satisfy an official request for your transcript.
  • For e-transcripts, the recipient will have 14 business days to open it. If not viewed during that period, the e-transcript PDF will be removed from the eSCRIP-SAFE® server, and the student must request another e-transcript. Once opened, the official e-transcript will remain available to the recipient for 24 hours after the initial viewing of the document before being deleted from the eSCRIP-SAFE® server.

Three ways to order an Official UW Transcript

Ordering Online

Available only to current and former students who attended after 1982

Ordering transcripts online is only available to currently registered and former students who attended after 1982. You may order official transcripts with this Order Official Transcript tool or through MyUW on the Academics tab in the box labeled Grades. All transcripts ordered online will be automatically mailed. If you would like to pick-up your transcript in person, please see the section Fill Out a Transcript Request Form in Person.

Transcripts are printed each business night (Monday-Friday excluding holidays). If you order a transcript before 6pm PST, your transcript will be printed and mailed the next business day and you will get one confirmation email. If the order is received after 6pm, the transcript will be printed and mailed within two business days. Transcripts ordered on a Friday or over the weekend will be processed the next working day.

To order your transcript online you will need a UW NetID. As a former student, you will have a UW NetID (unless you attended prior to 1982)and your UWNetID remains the same throughout your life.

  • If you have forgotten your password, you can Reset Your Password.
  • If you are uncertain what your UW NetID is or if you attended the University prior to the establishment of UW NetIDs, we suggest you print out the UW Transcript Request Form [UoW 1001] and mail it in or bring it in person to our office in order to obtain a copy of your official transcript.
  • You have the option to visit the site Your UW NetID to obtain your UWNetID, but you will need your Student Number and Private Access Code (PAC). If you don’t know or can’t remember either of these, you can contact the Office of the University Registrar, 2nd Floor Schmitz Hall or call 206-543-8580, where you receive the information to look up your NetID and then reset your password. One screen will ask you to confirm your identity, please choose the first option ‘UW Student’. Even if you are an employee, alumni, graduate student ect., if you took a UW class, you are considered a UW Student for this purpose.
  • Please Note: When attempting to obtain your forgotten UWNetID, if your Directory Release/FERPA setting is set to NO, you will not be able to obtain this information by phone. You will need to come in person to our office. If you wish to change your Directory Release to YES, you will need to send a copy of a government issued ID, this can be scanned and emailed to our office, with a note saying you want to change your Directory Release to YES with your signature. Then once we receive it and change your status to YES, we will be able to release that information by phone and you can set up or look up your UW Net ID.
    For more information on FERPA and Directory Release, please read UW’s FERPA for Students.

Send a Transcript Request form by mail

To order your official University of Washington transcript, please complete a Transcript Request Form with the following information:

  1. Your full name and any names you formerly used;
  2. Your University of Washington student number (if student number is unknown, okay to leave blank);
  3. Your date of birth;
  4. Your approximate dates of attendance at the University of Washington;
  5. Your daytime telephone number and email address;
  6. The address or addresses where you want your University of Washington transcript sent;
  7. Your signature authorizing the transaction (unsigned Transcript Request Forms will NOT be processed);
  8. Include a check or money order to cover the $11 per copy transcript fee.
  9. Please make sure you include a daytime phone number and email address so we can reach you quickly if there is a problem.

Once you complete the form, you may mail your transcript request and a check or money order made out to University of Washington to:

Transcript Office
Box 355850
University of Washington
Seattle, Washington 98195-5850

Fill out a Transcript Request Form in Person

We also offer ordering and picking up your transcript in person at the UW Seattle Campus. Please come to the Transcript Request Window at 2nd floor Schmitz Hall and complete a Transcript Request form during our office hours, 10 AM – 12 PM and 1 PM – 4 PM, Monday through Friday. Same day pick up is possible for 1-5 copies of your official transcript, or we will mail transcripts to the address of your choice, at no additional cost for national or international. There is a $11 per copy transcript fee that is required at the time of order. Payment is accepted by check, money order, Visa or MasterCard.

If you need to pay in cash, complete the order form at the Transcript Request Window, then pay the fee at Student Fiscal Services, 129 Schmitz Hall. Student Fiscal Services is open from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Map to Schmitz Hall, 1400 NE Campus Parkway, Seattle WA 98105

Unofficial UW Transcript

Current students and students who attended AFTER 1982:

Current students and students who attended after 1982 may access unofficial transcripts through the Grades and Transcripts section found on the Academics block on MyUW. Use your UW NetID and password to access MyUW. If you do not have a UW NetID or do not remember your log-in information, you will need both your UW student number and your Private Access Code (PAC) to create a NetID or reset the password. To obtain those numbers, you will need to call the Office of the University Registrar at 206-543-8580, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. or 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Monday – Friday.

Once you have logged into MyUW, select the Academics link on the left hand side of the page. Next, select Unofficial Transcript under the Grades & Transcripts section. Select Printer-Friendly Version on the Unofficial Transcript page. It will create a PDF file of your unofficial transcript for you to view or print. Select the printer icon in the top-right hand corner of the preview screen to print your unofficial transcript.

Students who attended BEFORE 1982 (More recent attendees, please see the previous paragraph!):

To order an unofficial transcript, contact the Office of the University Registrar by email at Unofficial transcripts are not available for pick up.

Note that transcripts from BEFORE 1982 are stored on microfilm and may take up to 2 weeks for processing. Our office is unable to email or fax unofficial transcripts.

To request an unofficial transcript be mailed to you, please print the following information on a piece of paper and sign it:

  • Date
  • Full Name
  • Former Names (if any)
  • Date of Birth
  • Approximate Dates of Attendance
  • Mailing Address
  • Email (for contacting in case of problems, note we cannot email unofficial transcripts)
  • Signature

Then forward this document to the UW Transcript Office by:

  • Fax: Fax us your information and signature, the fax number is 206-616-3222. Please allow 5-7 days for processing after your request is received by the Transcript Office.
  • Email: Scan your information and signature sheet and email it to us as an attachment, our email is
  • Mail: Mail the information with your signature to:

Transcript Office
Box 355850
University of Washington
Seattle, Washington 98195-5850

Ordering your UW PCE Academic Record

If you were only enrolled in non-credit/clock hour UW School of Professional and Continuing Education units or were enrolled in coursework for a Certificate program, you will not have a transcript record. You must contact the UW Professional and Continuing Education (PCE) Records Office to obtain a copy of your Academic Record.