Office of the University Registrar

Religious Accommodations Request v2.0

By completing and submitting this form, a UW Student:

  • Is officially requesting an accommodation in one or more classes per the Religious Accommodation Policy,
  • Affirms to have read the Religious Accommodation Policy, the conditions for requesting an accommodation, and the grievance procedure, and
  • Understands that use of this request process for reason(s) not compliant with the Religious Accommodation Policy may result in being subject to review under the UW Student Conduct Code, and
  • Understands the request must be submitted before the last day of the second week of the course, and
  • Acknowledges the University of Washington does not need to know the student’s religious faith or affiliation in order to complete the request process and trusts the student’s reason for requesting accommodation is related to religious faith or affiliation, and
  • Agrees to arrange the details of the accommodation directly with the instructor, once the form is submitted, and
  • Understands they are still expected to meet all the requirements of the course, and
  • Acknowledges the religious accommodation request is still subject to review and coordination with the instructor.
  • Understands that if denied, they have the right to file a complaint or grievance with the University Complaint Investigation and Resolution Office (UCIRO).


  • The student must submit individual requests for each course in which an accommodation are being requested.
  • Completed form will be submitted directly to the instructor identified on the request form.
  • The student will receive a confirmation email after the form has been successfully submitted.
  • The student is responsible for contacting the instructor, sharing and coordinating the requested accommodation.
  • The student is not obligated to share their religious affiliation, faith, or the reason for the request, even if asked.
  • The student may file a grievance should the instructor deny the request.

Application Dates

The Religious Accommodation request form will be available according to the following schedule:

Quarter Form Open Date Deadline Date
Autumn 2019 Fri, Oct 11 @ 5pm
Winter 2020 Sat, Dec 14, 2019 Fri, Jan 17, 2020 @ 5pm
Spring 2020 Sat, Mar 21 Fri, Apr 10 @ 5pm
Summer & Summer A 2020 Sat, Jun 13 Mon, Jul 6 @ 5pm
Summer B 2020 Sat, Jun 13 Fri, Aug 7 @ 5pm
Autumn 2020 Sat, Aug 22 Fri, Oct 9 @ 5pm

UW School of Dentistry Deadlines

Quarter Dental Class Deadline Date
Winter 2020 1st & 2nd years Fri, Jan 17, 2020 @ 5pm
3rd & 4th years Fri, Dec 20, 2019 @ 5pm
Spring 2020 1st, 2nd, & 3rd years Fri, Apr 3 @ 5pm
4th year Fri, Apr 10 @ 5pm
Summer 2020 3rd year Fri, Jun 26 @ 5pm
4th year Fri, Jul 3 @ 5pm [Observed Holiday]
Summer A 2020 2nd year Fri, Jun 12 @ 5pm
Summer B 2020 1st year Fri, Aug 7 @ 5pm
2nd year Fri, Jul 24 @ 5pm
Autumn 2020 1st & 2nd years Mon, Sep 21 @ 5pm
3rd year Fri, Sep 25 @ 5pm
4th year Fri, Oct 2 @ 5pm

Examples of Reasonable Accommodations

  • Request to turn in a paper early, prior to a due date that conflicts with religious observation.
  • Request to adjust the date of exam due to conflict with religious observation on a particular date.
  • Request to reschedule a required activity that is necessary for completion of the course or program.

Religious Accommodation Request Form

Spring 2020 Quarter Request Form will open March 21 at 8:00AM PDT

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