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Residency Contact Information – UW Seattle Students

Residency & ELPR Office Updates

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How to Schedule an Appointment

This information is for current and prospective UW Seattle students only.

Prior to Scheduling an Appointment

Students are encouraged to thoroughly review the topics and content within this website before making an in-person appointment. All necessary forms/applications, as well as the answers to most basic questions about the requirements and processes, is provided within. Please Note: During high-demand times, appointment length is limited to 15 minutes — being prepared with a list of specific questions will help make the most of the appointment time.

Advising Appointment

Until further notice, all advising appointments will be by Zoom only (no in-person advising services offered at the moment). Be sure to check your email at least two hours before the scheduled appointment for Zoom meeting information.

Residency Documents

Submission of Residency Questionnaires, Residency Affidavits, and all tuition waiver eligibility forms and documentation should be done via the white residency drop box on the 2nd floor of Schmitz Hall or via postal mail. Documents will not be reviewed during the appointment.

Where to Submit Residency Documents

As of April 3, UW Seattle Residency Office is not accepting postal mailed copies of the residency application and supporting documents given current circumstances. Students should still keep a hard copy of their submission(s) as we may be requiring the submission of the paper copies later. Important detailed information about current submission and review process is outlined in the Residency/ELPR Update Notice.

What to Expect During a Residency Appointment

The primary role of the Residency Classification Office is to determine whether students have demonstrated that they have met the requirements to be classified as a Washington State resident for tuition purposes. Information and clarifications is provided about how the requirements and processes for students to demonstrate their residency may apply to particular complicated circumstances. However, staff cannot tell students how to become a resident, make a residency determination, or project the outcome of a residency application during an appointment.

Parents and Relatives

Parent and relatives of a current or newly-admitted UW student, staff of the Residency Classification Office will be unable to discuss your student’s residency status or application with you due to federal and state privacy laws and office policy. Please have the student schedule an appointment.

Schedule an Appointment

The below link will direct you to the online appointment service to select the date and time most convenient for you. Appointment times are 15 minutes in length.
Schedule An Appointment

Drop-in Advising

Drop-in advising has been temporarily discontinued. Please use the link above to schedule an appointment.

Email Advising

To send a question to a Residency adviser at UW Seattle, email Our goal is to respond to email inquiries within 5 business days. For pressing or complicated advising questions, please schedule an appointment.

Bothell and Tacoma Residency Info

The information below is for current and prospective UW Bothell or UW Tacoma students only.

UW Bothell Campus

Drop-In Advising

Please visit the UW Bothell Residency Office website for more information.

Email Advising

Send a question to a UW Bothell Residency adviser at

Where to Submit Residency Documents

UW Bothell Registrar
University of Washington, Bothell
Office of the Registrar
Box 358500
18115 Campus Way NE
Bothell, WA 98011

UW Tacoma Campus

Drop-In Advising

Please visit the UW Tacoma Residency Office website for more information.

Email Advising

Send a question to a UW Tacoma Residency adviser at

Where to Submit Residency Documents

UW Tacoma Registrar
University of Washington, Tacoma
Office of the Registrar
Mattress Factory 253
Box 358400
Tacoma, WA 98402