Office of the University Registrar

Returning Student Re-enrollment

Submission Deadlines

Quarter Submission Opens Deadline Date
Autumn Feb 1 Jul 1
Winter Jul 1 Nov 1
Spring Nov 1 Feb 1
Summer Feb 1 June 1


To be considered for re-enrollment, when the re-enrollment deadline for the intended start quarter has passed, please email and request a link to the submission site after the deadline.

Returning Student Re-enrollment Process

The information presented on this page applies to the Returning Student Re-enrollment Process for matriculated students at the University of Washington in Seattle only.

University of Washington Bothell: Students who were previously enrolled at the University of Washington Bothell and are looking to resume their studies at UW Bothell, please visit Returning Students – Bothell

University of Washington Tacoma: Students who were previously enrolled at the University of Washington Tacoma and are looking to resume their studies at UW Tacoma, please visit Returning Students – Tacoma

Undergraduate and Professional Students

Students who may request to return to the University of Washington:

  • Those with an absence of more than one quarter (excluding Summer quarter)
  • Those who have not obtained a degree in their last enrolled category either from the University of Washington or from another institution

Note: Withdrawing from one quarter and not attending the subsequent quarter constitutes an absence of two consecutive quarters, which triggers the need to submit the Returning Student Form.

Re-Enrollment Process

Please review the Checklist to Re-Enroll for an overall understanding of all the steps and offices which are involved in the re-enrollment process.

  1. Complete and submit the online Returning Student Form
  2. Pay the $80 non-refundable fee
    • Students may choose to request a waiver of the re-enrollment fee when completing the Returning Student Form online prior to submitting the form.

Readmission Criteria

Readmission is granted at the discretion of the University. Factors which may be considered when determining eligibility for readmission include, but are not limited to:

  • registration or transcript holds
  • previous academic achievement
  • length of absence
  • space availability in the major in which you were previously enrolled
  • activities during the period in which you were not enrolled
  • prior disciplinary action

Readmission Process

  • Students returning to the University of Washington after an absence of more than two years require a supporting statement from an adviser. We ask that you contact an adviser from Undergraduate Academic Advising or your previously admitted major on record and have them e-mail our office at to let us know that you have discussed your future plans as a University of Washington student. All contact information for departments can be found in the UW Office Directory. Once we have been contacted by an adviser from the Undergraduate Advising Department, we would then be able to finish processing your re-enrollment submission.
  • After re-enrollment requests are reviewed, students will be emailed if additional action is needed before a re-admission decision can be made.
  • Enrollment Confirmation instructions are sent to students via email shortly after a re-enrollment request is reviewed and processed.
  • The confirmation email will contain a link for the student to confirm their offer of readmission via the Enrollment Confirmation system.
    Students must confirm this offer of readmission in order to be eligible to register.

Matriculated students readmitted to the University of Washington via the Returning Student process do not register until Registration Period II. See Academic Calendar for dates.

Additional Considerations

  • Returning students who have been away from the University of Washington fewer than two years have the highest priority for readmission.
  • A student previously enrolled in an academic program with restricted enrollment and/or special admission requirements should consult their adviser about procedures for readmission into the same program.
  • Students not readmitted into their special program can be readmitted as a pre-major in the College of Arts and Sciences.


Be advised that students returning to the University of Washington may not necessarily be readmitted under their previous residency classification. It is highly suggested that you check your tuition statement to ensure the tuition rate and fees are charged correctly. Students should be prepared to complete any necessary application and documents required to correct their classification with the Residency Office.

Graduate Student Returning from On-leave

Graduate students who are returning from official on-leave status are not required to fill out a Returning Student application.

See Graduate On-Leave Status for on-leave eligibility, the procedure for requesting leave, and information about reinstatement.

Returning from Military Leave

You may apply to return using the Online Returning Student Re-enrollment Form. Students who are returning the quarter directly following their United States military service may request a waiver of the returning student fee by clicking on the fee waiver option in the online form and emailing a copy of their military orders to The fee waiver does not apply to those students who voluntarily enlist.

Returning after Graduation

Students who have graduated either from the University of Washington or from another institution may return to the University in a new admission status or as a summer-only non-matriculated student. The appropriate application for the corresponding new status must be completed and submitted to the appropriate admission office.

Students wanting to complete another undergraduate degree will need to apply as a postbaccalaureate student through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Students wanting to pursue a professional degree in Law, Dentistry, or Medicine will need to apply directly through the respective schools. Students who want to pursue a graduate degree or admission as a Graduate Non-Matriculated student will need to apply through the appropriate academic department. Application fees must be paid for each application.

Additional Information

Students applying to enter the University of Washington for the first time or in a new category may not apply as returning students. Instead, they should consult information about the appropriate category: undergraduate, which includes postbaccalaureates; graduate; or professional.

If you need additional information about returning to the University of Washington as a returning student, please email the

You may also call the Registration and Transcripts Office and a staff member will assist you. See the Office of the University Registrar information for location, current hours, and contact information.

Please be aware that the UW G Suite and/or UW Office 365 email & productivity platform account(s) and data that you create with your UW email address are temporary and will expire when you graduate and/or separate from the UW. However, you do have the ability to forward your UW email address to a personal, non-UW email address as a student and upon separation from the UW.