Office of the University Registrar

June 17, 2024

Summer 2024 Registration Change Guide

Dear University of Washington students,

This guide provides information about adding, dropping or withdrawing from any or all of your Summer 2024 courses. You may not need these instructions until later in the quarter, so hold onto this email for future reference.

We strongly encourage you to consult with your adviser or advising team before making any changes listed below.

Summer 2024 Registration Changes

Carefully review these instructions, deadlines and links. Beginning June 24, Full-term and A-term, and beginning July 25, B-term there will be a $20 Change of Registration fee associated with any kind of change to your Summer 2024 registration, with a maximum of $20 per day.

UW Academic Calendar 2023-2024

Review the University of Washington 2023-2024 Academic Calendar, especially the “Adding/Dropping Courses or Complete Withdrawal” section for Summer 2024 deadlines.

Request a Religious Accommodation

It is the policy of the University to reasonably accommodate students’ religious observances. Learn more about the Religious Accommodations Policy.
Summer Full & A-term Deadline: Friday, June 28, by 5 p.m.
Summer B-term Deadline: Friday, July 26, by 5 p.m.

Time Conflicts

Students who register for two classes which meet for any portion of the same class time are responsibile to meet the requirements of each course in terms of exams and instructor expectations.

Drop Courses from Your Schedule

Review the tuition forfeiture policy when considering course drops — you may not get all your tuition back depending on when you drop.

Period Fee Transcript Drops
Week 1
Full & A-term: Through Jun 23
B-term: Through Jul 24
No fee charged Course drops do not appear on your transcript Add and drop courses freely using MyUW.
Withdrawal: Students who drop all their courses will have a withdrawal statement and the date of withdrawal posted to their transcript.
Week 2 | Unrestricted Drop Period
Full-term: Through Jun 30
A & B-terms: N/A
$20 fee charged Course drops do not appear on your transcript You may continue to add and drop courses using MyUW, but you will be charged a $20 Change of Registration fee for all registration changes made on a single day.
Withdrawal: Students who drop all their courses will have a withdrawal statement and the date of withdrawal posted to their transcript.
Week 3 – Last Day of Instruction | Late Course Drop Period
Full-term: Jul 1-Aug 9
A-term: Jun 24-Jul 10
B-term: Jul 25-Aug 9
$20 fee charged Course drops appear on your transcript You may drop one class yourself via MyUW using the self-serve Quarterly Drop. Follow the same instructions as Week 2. To drop multiple classes or an additional class if you already used your Quarterly Drop, use the Adviser-Assisted Drop Request Form. Consult with your adviser, who must approve your schedule changes before your campus registration team completes the request. Each dropped course will appear on the transcript with a Registrar Drop (RD) annotation.

Additionally: Students whose enrollment depends on maintaining full-time status, including NCAA athletes and F-1/J-1 international students, may not be able to use the self-serve Quarterly Drop. In these cases, use the Adviser-Assisted Drop.

Withdraw Completely from the Quarter

Week 3 – Last Day of Instruction

Summer Full & B-term: August 9
Summer A-term: July 10
No fee charged. Course drops appear on your transcript.

To withdraw from all your courses, submit the Adviser-Assisted Drop Request Form. Students may not completely withdraw after July 10 for A-term, August 9 for Full and B-terms. Dropped courses will be noted on the transcript with an RD annotation, along with a withdrawal statement and the date of withdrawal.


End of Finals Week/Quarter

Summer Full & B-term: August 16
Summer A-term: July 17
You can change your course grading to and from Satisfactory/Not Satisfactory (S/NS) until the corresponding deadline. S grades do not count for undergraduate degree requirements.

Students are limited to 20 S/NS credits through Personal Services on MyUW, but can request more at for a $20 fee. If this fee creates a financial hardship for you, we recommend reaching out to the Office of Student Financial Aid for assistance.

Drop Courses from a Previous Quarter

The Former Quarter Drop (FQD) option lets students request to drop past-quarter courses due to uncontrollable extenuating circumstances. If approved, an RD will appear on your transcript for those courses.

To see if this process is suitable for you, review the policy and eligibility criteria. If needed, consult an adviser for assistance with the FQD process.

Registration Tampering Abuse Policy: Don’t buy, sell, or hold spots in classes!

Know that trading, selling, or buying open spots is a breach of the Registration Tampering Abuse Policy. Consequences include referral to the Student Code of Conduct process, a Registrar’s Hold on your record, and potential diploma withholding for graduating students until the conduct process is complete.

Registrar Drop (RD) Transcript Notation

Students who drop any courses beginning the third week of the quarter will have RD listed on their transcript for those courses.


The University of Washington is committed to ensuring everyone is welcomed here as their authentic self. You can find a new central online resource on the Husky Health & Well-Being website with important information about Sharing Pronouns at UW.

Manage Your Name Types

The University provides students with the ability to provide the University with a variety of name types associated with your student records. Review the name types and learn how to manage your name.

Please contact your corresponding campus registration team with any questions regarding registration.

Helen B. Garrett, Ed.D., University Registrar
University of Washington –

Andrea Coker-Anderson, MPA, Registrar
University of Washington Tacoma –

Pamela H. Lundquist, M.Ed., Registrar
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