Office of the University Registrar

ACCESS Program

About the Program

The ACCESS program at the University of Washington is governed by Chapter 28B.15.540 of the Revised Code of Washington (RCW), allowing Washington state residents aged 60 and older to audit one or two university courses per quarter on a space-available basis. The program is a great opportunity to take full advantage of the extraordinary resources of the campus, the outstanding faculty, and the diverse student population.

ACCESS students attend classes on an audit basis as a non-matriculated student. As an auditor, you may not participate in class discussions, take tests, or submit papers. You may register for all courses except the following:

  • English 100, 101, 102, Math 098
  • UW Professional & Continuing Education and other courses associated with fee-based programs
  • Language courses from the Department of Asian Languages & Literature
  • Distance Learning/Online courses
  • Studio, laboratory courses, and honors sections.
  • Any course section listed with a restriction of No Non-Matriculated Students, Auditors and/or ACCESS students

ACCESS students may register in 500 level graduate courses with the approval of the instructor by obtaining an entry code through the department. A transcript is not maintained for ACCESS students. All ACCESS students register starting the third day of the quarter and may register for up to two weeks after. We will not register students any earlier than the third day of the quarter (NOT the third day of the course). Please check the Academic Calendar for quarter start dates.

As an ACCESS student, you may enroll for a maximum of two courses per quarter for the low registration fee of $5. This does not include the Technology Fee that allows all registered students to have an email account and use of the computer labs. The Technology Fee is an additional fee of approximately $4 per credit that you are registered for. For example a student auditing a 5 credit class will pay approximately $25 per quarter with both fees.

As an ACCESS student, you may request a student ID card (Husky card). Husky cards can be obtained on the ground floor of Odegaard library next to the By George cafe. You do not need a new Husky card every quarter however you must pay for a replacement if it is lost. Your Husky card allows library material check out privileges and is used for the UPASS. The UPASS allows unlimited rides on the bus, light rail, and more, please see Commuter Services for more details. ACCESS students are eligible to purchase a quarterly UPASS at the staff/faculty rate from the Commuter Services office, 1320 NE Campus Parkway. You cannot obtain a Husky card or purchase the UPASS until you have been registered for classes by the Office of the University Registrar.

ACCESS students can also create a UWNetID. This optional service is a username that allows you to log into computers on campus and have a UW email account while you are enrolled. Some courses will need it to access class readings such as courses that use Canvas. Please visit MyUW to log in with an existing UWNetID, create a new UWNetID or reset a forgotten password. To reset a forgotten password you will need your student number and Private Access Code (PAC). While confirming your identity online during this process, please choose ‘UW Student’ as your status even if you are an employee or alumnus. If you don’t know or can’t remember your student number or PAC, you can contact the Office of the University Registrar, 2nd Floor Schmitz Hall or call 206-543-8580.

Because ACCESS students do not pay the services and activities fee, they are not entitled to participate in UW programs which are funded by these fees, such as ASUW & GPSS activities, Universal U-Pass pricing, Student Publications, Student Loan Fund, Hall Health Primary Care Center, recreational sports programs, the IMA, childcare, student legal services, Ethnic Cultural Center, Student Union facilities and UW CARES.

Through the Student Conduct Code, Huskies hold themselves to the highest standards of ethics, integrity, and accountability. The University of Washington expects you to be informed of the Student Conduct Code and to conduct yourself as a responsible member of our community. Learn more about the Student Conduct Code and Policies.

Registering for Classes

This information is for registering as an ACCESS student at the University of Washington in Seattle. If you wish to enroll as an ACCESS student at UW Tacoma or UW Bothell, please visit the following websites:

UW Bothell ACCESS Program

UW Tacoma ACCESS Program

Step 1 – See what classes are being offered and that interest you

  • Course information is available online in the University Time Schedule
    (NOTE: The UW no longer offers a paper catalog of course offerings)
  • Select the quarter and year, and a list of schools and departments will be displayed.
  • Select the prefix of the curriculum you are interested in and a listing of the courses being offered this quarter will be displayed.
  • Each course section has a five-digit schedule line number (SLN) on the left. If you have a UWNetID you can click on this SLN to view course details such as the most current space availability.
  • Take note of any special registration restrictions, such as auditors or an entry code requirement which is noted with a “>” symbol to the left of the SLN.
  • Course specific questions will need to go to the department or instructor. Here is a directory to look up department contact information for questions or to request entry codes UW Office Directory.
  • If a course has a question section (QZ) listed after the lecture section (LC), we will need to register you for both even though ACCESS students do not attend quiz sections. Please include an open quiz section on your Registration form.

Step 2 – Fill out an ACCESS Registration Form

  • You can download the ACCESS Program Student Registration Form ahead of time, print it and fill it out ahead of time OR we have them here in our office.
  • If you are a brand new student to the UW and have not attended a course (ACCESS or other) before in any year, please note you will not be able to mail, fax, or email your first registration form. You are required to register in person your first ACCESS quarter so we can verify your identity with a WA state ID. After your first quarter you can send us the form without having to come in person.
  • Make sure all blanks are completed on the form.
  • Regarding the Student Number:
    • The ACCESS Student Number on the form is referring to your UW Student Number, they are the same.
    • If you are a first time student at UW and have never attended here, leave the student number blank and we will assign you a new one.
    • If you were a previous student in any way and you know your student number (NOTE: this is NOT an alumni number) you can fill it in.
    • If you were a previous student and do not remember you student number, leave it blank but write the approximate dates you attended in the space provided on the form. You keep the same student number the entire time you attend UW.
  • Forms can be mailed or dropped off before the ACCESS registration day but students will not be registered for their courses until the third day of the quarter. If you are mailing your form, do not send payment, please see Step 5 below for how to pay your fees.
  • Registration can only be completed via the ACCESS Program Student Registration form. No other office, department or adviser can register you as an ACCESS student, and you cannot self-register for courses via MyUW.

Step 3 – Obtain a Course Entry Code ONLY if required

  • Some but not all courses require a special entry code.
    • 500 level courses always require entry codes.
    • Courses that are full will require an entry code to overload the class, it is up to the department’s discretion to overload their courses.
    • If the course has a “>” symbol next to the SLN on the Time Schedule, it will need an entry code for any student.
  • If your course requires an entry code (also known as an add code) check with the instructor or the department.
  • An entry code is a 5 digit code than can only be used once and there is a spot for it on the registration form.

Step 4 – Turn in your completed ACCESS Registration Form

Applications for the ACCESS program for Winter 2020 quarter will be accepted in the Office of the University Registrar through Wednesday, January 22, 2020, which is the last day to register as an ACCESS student for Winter quarter 2020.

  • UW Registration is located on the second floor of Schmitz Hall on the main Seattle campus.
  • You can also mail your ACCESS Registration form to:
    UW ACCESS Registration
    Box 355850
    Seattle, WA 98195
  • Fax the form to 206-616-3222
  • Or send by email as an attachment to

Step 5 – Pay for your courses

  • Payments are made in 129 Schmitz Hall in the Student Fiscal Services office.
  • They accept cash or check, no credit/debit cards.
    • To pay by credit/debit card or by web check, please log into MyUW (w/UWNetID) and submit payment in the Accounts section.
  • Payment is due by the tuition deadline which is the third Friday of the quarter.
  • Students cannot pay until they have been registered, please do not send payment ahead of time with registration forms.
  • Please call Student Fiscal Services at 206-543-4694 with questions regarding payments.

Helpful Tips and Notes

  • Register only for courses you plan to attend – Because the registration fees are due even if you withdraw, and because the Technology Fee is based on the number of credits you are registered for, do not register for more classes than you plan to attend.
  • Check with Registration if you receive unexpected fees – If for some reason you are charged a fee you were not expecting, contact the Office of the University Registrar at 206-543-8580 for an explanation. Some departments and courses charge a course fee with their courses. In most cases the student is responsible for the fee. Please check with the department if a course you have registered for has a fee and see if it is required for auditors.
  • Check the Time Schedule on Registration Day – Many students add and drop courses during the first week of the quarter and numbers fluctuate. A course you previously thought was closed and needed an entry code may now have an open spot.
  • How to withdraw – If you need to withdraw from your course(s), you may come in person to the Office of the University Registrar and request to be withdrawn, or write a letter requesting to be withdrawn with your signature to:

    UW ACCESS Registration
    Box 355850
    Seattle, WA 98195

    Please remember, the registration fees are not refundable. The technology fee is subject to the same rules as tuition forfeiture.

ACCESS Students have formed a student organization, ACCESS Student Resource Group (ASRG), to enhance the academic and social experience of ACCESS students and to create opportunities for ACCESS students to help the educational and service goals of the University and its greater community. ASRG sponsors informal meetups, a Facebook Group and special lecture events. For questions or comments, write to

The University’s reputation for excellence promises to provide you with many unique avenues for personal enrichment. Anyone who would like to take advantage of the opportunity and have any questions about the ACCESS program, may call the Office of the University Registrar at 206-543-8580 or email