Office of the University Registrar

Period I Priority Registration Dates Summer 2020

Summer Quarter 2020

Registration priority begins at 6:00 a.m. on the priority registration date as determined by student status and student number. Students may make changes on Log into MyUW any day following the assigned priority date.

*Class Standing Priority Registration Date
Graduate April 13, 2020
Professional April 13, 2020
Veterans April 13, 2020
**Students with Disabilities April 13, 2020
***Graduating Seniors (GSP) or Postbaccalaureates April 13, 2020
All other class standings April 15, 2020

Additional Information on Registration Dates

ACCESS students and University staff using their exemption status register beginning June 24, 2020.
Washington state employees using their exemption status register beginning June 25, 2020.

*Undergraduate Class Standing
**As needed based on approval by the office of Disability Resources for Students (DRS). Others register by class level.
***Seniors or postbaccalaureates who plan to graduate August 2020, December 2020, or March 2021 and who have anĀ Application for Graduation on file in the Graduation and Academic Records Office by April 20, 2020, may register on this priority date.