Office of the University Registrar

Departmental Location Partition Preferences

The classroom scheduling software uses a list of preferred building locations that are attached to each of the Universities curricula. These are called Partition Preferences within 25Live. Departments are able to select up to three sets of partition preferences. Defining partition preferences does not guarantee all your courses will be placed in building in your first preference. The software first looks at placing your course(s) in your 1st preference partitions before placing in your 2nd and so on. The 4th partition preference group is where we put any partitions not already selected, so the software can assign a room, if possible. When you select specific room features or a building/room via time schedule construction, the scheduling software does look at that first, over your default partitions. Also, Time Schedule defaults Active Learning Classrooms and Computer Labs in all group 1 partition preference, even if you don’t request those room typically. We automatically include those in the 1st group in case you ever do need those spaces.

To review or update your departmental partition preferences, please email