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Large Class Scheduling

Annual Scheduling of Large Classes

One of the recommendations of the Learning Spaces Policy is the annual scheduling of large (250-size and above) classes. This page will detail the process, as well as address some questions around the scheduling.

Background Information

One of the problems that the Learning Spaces Committee identified was that due to the scarcity of large classrooms on campus, many units have not been able to be assigned at their desired time and/or size during the initial scheduling of rooms. Because there are often many dependencies with the rest of a unit’s schedule, it is often detrimental to a unit to have to move a large class after assignments have been made. To help alleviate this, the Learning Spaces Committee recommended scheduling large spaces on an annual basis prior to the creation of the rest of the schedule, to help create some schedule certainty for units to build the rest of their schedule around.


  1. Go to the online form and submit a form for each large (200-size and above) class you wish to offer for each quarter available on the form.
  2. For each request, you must also provide a viable alternative time outside of prime time (ie, outside of the 9:30-2:20 instructional hours). This time will be used only if a room cannot be secured at the requested time.
  3. After the deadline, the Time Schedule/Room Assignments Office will take all requests and schedule the classes, notifying you of what room(s) and time(s) you were assigned.
  4. For Autumn 2019-Spring 2020 the deadline for submission is November 2nd, 2018 . The Time Schedule/Room Assignments Office will notify you of the annual assignments by November 16th.

Large Classes Scheduling FAQs

The policy says this is for 250-sized classes and above. Why are you saying 200-sized and above in the procedures?

Knowing the classes slightly smaller than the 250-sized threshold will help the Time Schedule Office better determine annual assignments. The classes that meet the size determined by the policy (250-size and above) will be given priority.

Do I have to follow the block scheduling times?

Yes. All aspects of the policy are applicable to the annual scheduling, including preference given to classes that follow the block scheduling guidelines.

How does this affect our 12% distribution target?

This process is a supplement to the larger target of 12% distribution of classes. You are still required to evenly distribute your classes across the instructional day.

Am I guaranteed either my requested or alternative time?

The Time Schedule Office cannot guarantee it will be able to assign your requested or alternative times, but every effort will be made to do so. If the Time Schedule Office cannot find you a room at either the requested or alternative times, it will work with you to try to find something that works.

What should I enter into TSConstruction?

Once the Time Schedule Office has notified you of the annual assignment of your class(es), you may enter those time(s) into TSConstruction. If you enter a time in TSConstruction different than the one you were given for your annual assignment, the Time Schedule Office will use the time submitted in TSConstruction. (If we can, we will contact you to make sure you didn’t just make a mistake in TSConstruction.)

Who do I contact for additional information?

Feel free to email questions to This policy is a work in progress and we would like any feedback or questions you may have.