Office of the University Registrar

November 6, 2020

Why Can’t I Register for a Section I Want?

Your registration period hasn’t opened yet

There are multiple registration periods that determine when students may register for classes:

    • Registration Period 1 (priority registration): continuing students currently enrolled or those who completed the previous quarter.
    • Registration Period 2: newly admitted students and returning former students.
    • Registration Period 3: first day of the quarter through the 7th calendar day of the quarter.
    • Late Add Period: open to all students.

Each registration period opens on a specific date before the start of the quarter. The previous period closes before the subsequent period opens. Learn more about registration periods, as well as when each period opens, on the Office of the University Registrar’s Course Add Periods page.

All spaces available today are full

When attempting to add a section during Registration Period 1, you may receive an error message that states “This section is closed for the day. Additional spaces will be available tomorrow. Check for alternates”. When a class is split over two days, select numbers of seats per section are held so students whose registration date is the second day may register for those seats. For example, only half of the seats in a course may be made available on the first priority registration date for that class standing.

If you receive the section closed error message, trying registering for the section again on the second priority registration day for your class. Registration opens at 6:00 a.m. PST. Please note that priority registration days do not occur on holidays; when a holiday follows the first day of priority registration for a class, the second day for the class will be the day after the holiday.