Office of the University Registrar

Change of Registration Fee

New for Spring Quarter 2020

The date for incurring a Late Change Registration Fee of $20 is being delayed one week and will begin April 13.
Additionally, the Late Registration Fee of $25 is eliminated.

Fee Current Fee New Fee Current Dates New Dates
Late Change of Registration $20 $20 Apr 6-Jun 12 Apr 13-Jun 12
Delayed by 1 week
Late 1st Time Registration $25 $0
Fee eliminated
Mar 30-Apr 12 Mar 30-Apr 12

These fee and date changes are reflected in the UW Academic Calendar.

Tuition Forfeiture Period for Spring 2020

The tuition forfeiture period cannot be delayed as it is governed by a Washington State law.

Tuition forfeiture charges are assessed any time a student drops classes after the first 7 calendar days of the quarter resulting in a different tuition charge.

Students who are assessed a tuition forfeiture may file a tuition forfeiture petition. While petitions should meet the stated guidelines, students are encouraged to still submit a petition if they are experiencing extenuating circumstances during these uncertain times in order to explain in detail the situation and provide any documents that may help support it (for example; emails from advisors, letters from doctors, etc.). A committee will review forfeiture petitions and may contact the student for further information, if needed. Please see the Student Fiscal Services website for details and the forms.

These fee and date changes supersede the information provided below for Spring 2020 only.

A Change of Registration fee of $20 is assessed for any number of add, drop, or change transactions (including change of grading option) made during a given day beginning the first day of the Late Add Period for adds or the first day of the Unrestricted Drop Period. The fee is a service charge and is in addition to any change in tuition or forfeiture as a result of adds, drops, or changes. There is no charge for changes made in Registration Periods I, II and III.

Fee waivers are rarely approved. If a student believes a change is necessitated by a University error or is at the University’s request, the student must pay the fee and submit a petition for a refund to the Office of the University Registrar, 2nd Floor Schmitz Hall. Students will be notified of the decision. The fee will be waived only if the change is necessitated by a University error or is at the University’s request.

Review the Course Drop Policy for dropping a class when the first day of the course is scheduled to begin after the 7th calendar day of the quarter.