Office of the University Registrar

Add/Drop Codes

Entry codes are five digit random numbers issued to you by academic departments as authorization to add or drop in restricted course sections. Entry Codes are not transferable. All courses require add codes to add beginning the 7th calendar day of the quarter.

Add Codes

Some courses require Add Codes that are available through the department offering the course. Courses requiring add codes are designated with the symbol > to the left of the schedule line number (SLN) in the Time Schedule.

Please note that departments reserve the right to require entry codes whether the course is so designated in the Time Schedule or not. Directions on where to obtain an entry code are in the comment section of the Time Schedule listing, either as a comment after the course section or following the title of the course. Contact the department offering the course if the registration system advises you an entry code is required and the location for obtaining one is not identified in the Time Schedule.

Instructors may issue Add (Entry) Codes to students when a class is full which will allow registrations or overloads above the limit set by the department.

Once you have used an entry code, the computer removes it from the list of viable codes and will not accept it again. If you drop a section that required an entry code to add, then you must obtain another entry code from the department if you wish to re-add the section.

Drop Codes

Some courses require a drop code to remove a course from your registration. Obtain the code from the department offering the course.

Faculty Numbers

If you are enrolling in independent study courses such as 499, 600, 700, or 800, you will first need to obtain a Faculty Number from the instructor or department.