Office of the University Registrar

Repeat Registration Restrictions

Effective winter quarter 2005, departments may restrict undergraduates from repeat registration into courses.

Restrictions may include:

  • only allowing registration after Period I
  • only allowing registration after the quarter has begun, or
  • requiring an Entry Code for a repeat registration

Courses considered to have been taken once include any numerical grade or those with grades of I, CR/NC, or S/NS. Withdrawn or dropped courses and courses with X or no grade reported will not count as the first taking of a course. If you are currently enrolled in a course, registration for the same course in the following quarter will be counted as a repeat registration.

A second repeat (taking a class for a third time [or more]) cannot be done using MyUW. A second repeat requires the department to register you into the course. Grades in the third or subsequent takings will not be included in the grade-point average (GPA).