Office of the University Registrar

Late Registration

Late Registration Fee

Any student who registers after registration periods I and II will be charged a Late Registration Service Fee of $25 through the second week of the quarter and $75 beginning the third week of the quarter. Students who complete the Insurance/Optional charges portion of the online registration system (available through MyUW) before the first day of the quarter or term will not be charged the late fee.

General Information for Students Requesting a Late Add

After the end of the Late Add Period, you cannot add courses through registration on MyUW. If you and your adviser have determined that you need to add a course, you will need to submit a Late Add Petition to the Registration Office, 225 Schmitz Hall.

Students in fee-based degree programs administered by UW Continuum College (PCE), will need to submit the Late Add Petition to UWC² Registration Services at, via fax to 206-685-9359, or directly to their Registration Office.  Students in other fee-based degrees should consult their department

When the petition form is returned to the Registration office, the staff will carefully examine it to make sure your statement (the attached narrative) has been included, along with your phone number or a number where you may be reached if we have any additional questions. The staff member will also verify that all other necessary information has been written on the form, such as the Schedule Line Number, course name, number, section, and credits to be added. If you are requesting to add an independent study, the Faculty ID Number must be on the form. After verifying that all the necessary information has been included, the staff member accepting the Late Add petition will date stamp your form. This date will be used to help track your petition for timeliness. Check MyUW to see if your schedule has been updated. Approved petitions are processed within two work days; some are processed within one day.

Guidelines for Petitioning to Add a Course after the Late Add Period

  1. This is a petition to add a course after the Late Add Period. If you believe that you have extenuating circumstances that warrant consideration of adding a course late, attach a typed or legible handwritten narrative along with supporting documentation outlining in detail the reasons that you are seeking a late add into a course. Statements submitted by departments in support of your petition must be on University or departmental letterhead and include pertinent dates as well as specifics of your situation. Requests submitted without an attached narrative will be denied.
  2. You should know that for reasons of public safety and instructional quality, course registration is limited to the approved classroom capacity (100%) after the Late Add Period.
  3. Submit your completed petition with both the instructor and chair signatures and supporting documentation to the Registration Office, 225 Schmitz Hall. Requests submitted without all signatures, including your own, will be denied.
  4. If your request has been processed, check MyUW for your new tuition balance.
  5. If the course has not been added, you may call the Registration Office at 206-543-8580 to check the status of your petition.
  6. Only under rare circumstances will a late add petition be considered after the Late Course Drop Period.
  7. If the course normally requires an entry code for you to add it to your schedule, please obtain the code from the respective department and complete the applicable block on the form. If a class does not normally require an entry code, it may be omitted from the late add petition.If you are just requesting a section change, an entry code is sufficient. You will not need to obtain the required signatures.All independent study courses require a faculty number. If this number is missing, the course cannot be added. All variable credit courses require the number of credits to be listed.

Courses Dropped in Error

If you drop a course in error, go to the Registration Office within three days of making the error and request to have the course added. The Registration Office will not charge you an additional Change of Registration Service Fee to add your course but you will need to pay the fee charged for your “drop in error.” For instance, you drop MATH 112 on Friday and realize you dropped the wrong course. As long as you come to the Registration Office by 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, the staff will add MATH 112 at your request.


See Tuition and Related Fees for quarterly tuition.

  • You must pay the change fee and any additional tuition that may be due at the Student Fiscal Services Office in 129 Schmitz no later than (7) seven calendar days after the course is added. During the last week of the quarter, fees are due the next day.
  • If you have not yet registered for the quarter and are using the Late Add Petition to add your courses, you will be charged a late registration fee instead of the change fee plus all applicable tuition.
  • Do not wait for a bill! Pay owed amounts as soon as possible. There are no refunds for courses dropped after the 30th calendar day of the quarter.