Office of the University Registrar

Military Personnel and Dependents

As of September 17, 2021, the review and processing of residency forms specific to the uniformed services for Seattle campus students has transitioned to the Veterans Educational Benefits Office. Please review their website for information about resident tuition for:

  • Active Duty Military Stationed in Washington
  • Dependents of Current and Former Service Members
  • Veterans
  • Washington National Guard Members

Note that students who are residents through the uniformed services forms above are not eligible for state aid programs such as Washington College Grant or College Bound.

If you are a Washington resident who is also a military member stationed outside of Washington, please read the following information about how to apply for residency using the Residence Questionnaire.

Washington Military Members Stationed Elsewhere

If you are a Washington resident who either entered the military while domiciled in Washington, or you established a domicile while stationed in Washington for a period of at least one year, you will remain a resident while stationed outside of Washington as long as you:

  • Return within one year (12 months) of discharge/end of service with the intent to be domiciled in Washington.
  • Maintain all legal ties in Washington.

To apply as a military member (or dependent) who are Washington State resident but stationed in another state or overseas:

  1. Complete the appropriate Residence Questionnaire and Documentation Checklist
  2. Provide documentation of the active duty military member’s state of legal residence (L.E.S. – Leave and Earnings Statement).
    • The military member will need to provide a copy of their current L.E.S. and L.E.S. from 12 months prior to the quarter of application for residency.
  3. Provide documentation showing that Washington legal ties have been maintained while being stationed elsewhere. At least three of the following must be provided:
    • Driver’s License
    • Voter’s Registration
    • Vehicle Registration
    • Bank Account
    • Property Ownership

DISCLAIMER: The information on this webpage is current as of 09/16/2021. The University of Washington reserves the right to update or remove this page as necessary for clarity and/or to reflect changes to residency law or university policies. This website is intended as guidance only and students are advised to refer to the Washington state laws on residency for current statutes and additional information. See RCW Chapter 28B.15WAC Chapter 250-18, and WAC Chapter 478-161.

The UW Residency Classification Office will administer residency determinations in accordance with the current law at the time of application.