Office of the University Registrar

Change-Of-Grade Request Form FAQ

The Change-of-Grade request form (COG) is a web form for submitting grade-change requests for individual students or as a batch with an uploaded spreadsheet file. It’s easy to use, but questions do come up.

How long does it take for requests to be processed?

Requests are typically processed within two business days. “Processed” means a request has been reviewed and the grades changed in the Student Database, or the Graduation & Academic Records Office will have contacted the submitter for any necessary clarification. During peak-volume times, requests may require up to a week to be entered.

Please note that submitters will not be notified directly when their requests are processed.

Is this form secure?

Because grade-change requests contain FERPA-protected student information, the utmost care is taken to ensure the information is secure. The system has been reviewed by a UW information security officer and deemed safe for use.

Student information is encrypted when stored in our database awaiting processing. All requests are deleted from the web server once processed. Request submissions require a valid UW NetID, which provides a record of who is using the system. And finally, the administration portion of the tool has an additional layer of protection by requiring a SecurID token to access.

I’m getting an error when uploading, how do I fix my file?

If uploading an Excel spreadsheet, the Change of Grade Request form requires an Excel
2007 or greater file format, and that the file not be in ‘protected view mode’ (which happens
automatically in Office 2010 if you have emailed or downloaded the file). If the file is in
protected view mode, there will be a red bar across the type of the file
in Excel indicating such and giving the option to change the file to edit mode.

Regarding Excel file format versions, it’s often difficult to determine which version of Excel
your spreadsheet is formatted, and note that it can be
different than the version of Excel you are running on your computer. Here are some steps to take:

  1. First, determine which version of Excel you are using, and ensure you are running Excel 2007 or
    greater. If you are running an earlier version of Excel, you will need to upload a CSV file (see Step 3)
  2. Second, open the spreadsheet and select File > Save As > Excel Workbook, which will save the spreadsheet
    in the format of the version of Excel you are using. That will allow you to successfully upload the file.
  3. If you are still
    having upload problems, you should save the file as type CSV (comma seperated value) and upload in that format.
    This is done in Excel by selecting File > Save As > CSV file.

The information automatically generated by the form is incorrect. How can I correct it?

Personal information (including your phone number, name, and e-mail) that appears automatically on the form comes directly from the UW’s directory. If something is incorrect, you may change it on the form, but you’re advised to update the information on the Workday (formerly Employee Self Service).

Where does the list of course prefixes come from?

Course prefixes are retrieved from the UW’s Student Web Services (SWS) initiative. Campus developers are encouraged to use SWS data in their web applications, which includes information about campuses, courses, sections, and even students. Get more information about SWS here.

What student information is necessary on the spreadsheet if I want to upload one?

When submitting a spreadsheet of grades, be sure to include the following information for reach request:

  • Qtr/Yr
  • Course
  • Student number
  • Student name (last, first)
  • Current grade
  • New grade

I just filled out the form, but the student’s grade has not changed. Why?

Change-of-grade requests are not immediately changed in the Student Database. Please see the answer to the first question.