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Change of Grade Request FAQ

The Change of Grade Request tool (COG) is a webform to submit grade-change requests for individual students or as a batch with an excel template file. The tool is easy to use, but questions do come up.

Change of Grade Request

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for requests to be processed?

  • Requests are typically processed within four (4) business days. “Processed” means a request has been reviewed and the grades changed in the Student Database.
  • For any clarifications, the Registrar Student Services Office will contact the submitter directly.
  • During peak-volume times, such as the end of Spring quarter, requests may require up to a week to be entered.

Note: Submitters will not be notified directly when their requests are processed.

I just submitted a grade change but the student's grade has not changed. Why?

Change-of-grade requests are not immediately changed in the Student Database. Please refer to the above question for details.

Is this webform secure?

Because grade-change requests contain FERPA-protected student information, the utmost care is taken to ensure the information is secure. The system has been reviewed by a UW information security officer and deemed safe for use.

  • Student information is encrypted when stored in this database awaiting processing.
  • All requests are deleted from the server once processed.
  • Request submissions require a valid UW NetID, which provides a record of who is using the system.
  • And finally, the administration portion of the tool has an additional layer of protection by requiring a SecurID token to access.

What fields do I need in order to upload a spreadsheet?

All necessary fields are provided in the excel template which is available from the online Change of Grade Request Form webpage.

I'm getting an error when uploading/submitting the webform. How do I fix it?

  • For multiple grade changes, it is highly recommended to use only the excel template provided in the online Change of Grade Request Form.
  • Be aware that cutting and pasting text into the excel template or webform may inadvertently include unseen characters or formatting, page breaks, spaces, or tabs which will interfere with proper uploading or form processing.
  • Please check your content and try again.

The information automatically generated by the webform is incorrect. How can I correct it?

  • The submitter must be logged in with their personal UWNetID.
  • Personal information, including the submitter’s name, email, title, department, and phone number, is pulled directly from the UW Staff Directory and automatically populated on the webform.
  • If any personal information is incorrect, the submitter should update their personal information in Workday PRIOR to submitting the change of grade request.


Where does the list of course prefixes come from?

Course prefixes are retrieved from the UW’s Student Web Services (SWS) initiative. Campus developers are encouraged to use SWS data in their web applications, which includes information about campuses, courses, sections, and even students.
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