Office of the University Registrar

DARS Exceptions – CS

The CS exception is no longer needed.

The CS exception, not available on EARS, was previously used for these purposes:

  1. Low Grade – To accept a course whose grade is below the department’s minimum. Please use the more appropriate RR exception, available on SDB SRU370 screen.
  2. Areas of Inquiry – To allow special topics and ancient courses to apply, advisers may:
    1. Use an RU exception on the SDB (SRF370); or
    2. Select, on EARS, “Allow a course to count toward a major requirement” (even though this isn’t a major requirement).
  3. Diversity – Adviser should only make this exception for courses within their respective college. Courses outside their college must be petitioned.

Reminder: Independent study, fieldwork and research courses must be reviewed and approved by the College offering the student’s major; for the College of Arts & Sciences, please send petitions to the Dean’s representative in Undergraduate Advising at the Gateway Center.

Advisers can: PSName Fields to use
Allow a course to apply as A&H APPR-A&H Course:
Allow a course to apply as SSc APPR-SSC Course:
Allow a course to apply as NSc APPR-NSC Course:
Allow a course to apply as Diversity APPR-DV Course: