Office of the University Registrar

DARS Exceptions – RR

This exception requires exactly the same elements as exceptions that allow a course not normally acceptable.

  • On the 370 screen, enter RR in the bottom right corner and SEND. You are now on the 379 screen.
  • Enter the PSNAME for the requirement in question from your Reference Table.
  • Enter a comment, naming the course.
    For example:

    MATH 124 AT 1.9 APPROVED
  • Enter the course that is currently not being accepted because of its low grade.*
    If the number ends in XX, change UW#(Y/N):Y    to     UW#(Y/N):N
  • SEND and re-run the audit. Your comment should display at the top of the requirement, and the course should appear.

Important: If the student has taken and retaken the course without reaching the minimum grade, you must tell DARS which attempt you want to accept. Use the quarter range, entering the quarter twice. Example:

 QTR Range: SPR/2006 thru SPR/2006

* Previously advisers used the CS exception to accomplish this purpose.  The CS exception changes the course so that it appears to have a higher grade in whatever audit the student or an adviser might run.  The RR exception changes the specific requirement – so that it doesn’t check this course’s grade.  It only affects how the course is viewed in your audit.